How to Become a Successful Writer

How to become a successful writer


It’s a weekend, you are relaxing in the garden sipping coffee with your favourite magazine in hand. You quickly go through your favorite writer’s section and all excited to read through it. And reading that content leaves you amazed, and you start envisioning yourself to be a successful writer one day but the willingness to write something is suppressed inside due to numerous reasons. And alas! You yourself kill the writer inside you.

People often are bogged down by the feeling of self-doubt that who will like their content. And in this assumption, they spend their entire lives. The art of writing is gifted to a few by nature and few inculcate this art during their lives. There is no better art than penning down your own thoughts on paper. Through writing, you can convey your thoughts and ideas to the world. It helps you to express better, gives clarity of mind and makes you feel closer to your feelings and shape your perspectives better.

I have met many people who have this burning desire of writing something but self-doubt because of unawareness, laid-back attitude, scarcity of time and thought of not being read by others is what holds them back from writing. Every successful writer goes through these problems until he/she decides to overcome these challenges and carve out the success. So, give yourself a tight and warm hug and start believing that you too will be a successful writer one day. Just realise that the seed of this art is there within and you just need to nourish it to blossom.

When I go back to the times when I was aspiring to write and didn’t have enough courage to present my works to the public below-mentioned strategies helped me to achieve success. And here are those tip-offs:

Become a Successful Writer

1. Find your own unique style of writing

Often many of us get influenced by how others are writing or get swayed by the current trends going on and while doing so we fail to unleash our hidden potential and our very true nature and style is suppressed. As a result, uniqueness in our writings is lost and we end up imitating another writer’s style that we tend to like. That’s when the downfall begins. But hey wait! I am not saying to take tips and ideas from others but what is important is to maintain your uniqueness so that readers recognize your literary work by your own style.

2. Use rich and sophisticated vocabulary

Since writing is a mere play of words, vocabulary adds life to your content. It is through the words that you pour down your feelings and conveys them to the readers. Usage of apt vocabulary can help you convey your ideas in a crisp manner and will keep readers engaged. There are many online tools available now- a -days for free of cost that will help you to boost your vocabulary. So just google out and decorate your content with appealing words

3. Give proper direction to the content

I am sure you would have watched a few movies where the script was not moving in the proper flow. Would you want to give your readers such bad experience? Of course not! The direction is very important because that will keep the flow going and make it interesting and captivate the readers which are the ultimate goal of every writer. The worst thing that a writer can do is disrupt the flow of the story or miss out on any piece of information wants to convey to the readers. Now there are different ways to get this error eliminated. First is to make a layout of the sequence that you want to follow while writing and stick to it throughout. Another way is that you finish writing your content and get it proof-read from genuine critics and ask them what they have understood or taken away from your writing. If critics’ narration matches your ideas that you wanted to convey to the readers, then you have done a good job but if there is a gap between these two stories then you must have missed to pen down your thoughts properly. Some writers make the mistake of assuming a few things while picturizing characters, places and cultures and miss to mention the details of it to their readers. This leaves readers unaware of important background and they will not be able to link different parts of the story together. So, it’s imperative to pay attention to each and every detail that you have thought and do not miss on any of these nuances to mention in your writing.

4. Incorporate humor and emotions in your writings

Who doesn’t like to laugh and relate things on a personal level with one’s emotions? So, go add some humor and emotional aspect in your content that will tickle the conscious of readers and will make them stick to your writings. For an instance, Khaled Hosseini writings have a string of emotions that handcuff the readers to his works. R.K. Narayan is known for his humor that he displays in his writings.

5. Know well the target readers for your writings

Before choosing the plot for your writing, anticipate who your target readers would be. For example, if your target readers are young people, then adding a tinge of romance, sensuous humor will prove to be beneficial to increase your reading followers. If your target readers are travel aspirants, then adding few pictures along with the content can make a popular among this community of readers. Similarly, if your writings are about professionals, then adding inspiring quotes by corporate leaders can leave your readers inspired.

6. Follow a disciplined schedule of writing

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”- Jim Rohn Be it a god-gifted talent or inculcated because of one’s own interests, practice is inevitable to gain perfection in any art. Save the time of the day when you feel fresher and energetic than the rest of the day. Try if you could spare a couple of hours in the morning hours because that’s the time when you start doing your activities after long resting hours of sleep and mind is relatively fresh. Though it’s a personal choice to choose what time of the day one wants to spend into writing, I personally feel like starting my day by doing the things that I love and one of those things is writing. Also, surroundings are calm with birds chirping around and sun displaying its hues, a cup of coffee in the morning with my pen and notebook is what makes me keep going in the morning. Also, decide on the frequency of articles or no. of pages you want to write in a week and stick to it. Don’t keep very stringent deadlines that are difficult to meet as it will directly impact the quality of work. Just maintain an optimum pace that makes you feel satisfied with your work and don’t rush up things at the cost of quality of content.

7. Connect with renowned writers

Who has become successful without connecting with successful people? And but the obvious reason is that such connections will serve as a catalyst to keep you motivated and keep delivering quality work timely. Meeting renowned writers will give you valuable insights about writing, current trends in this domain and you will also get a chance to talk about your own works to them that will fetch you aid in publishing and marketing. It is always helpful to have a role model in the domain of writing like whom you aspire to be. But as already mentioned above, don’t try to copy the writing style of your role-model also. Remember that your role-model has inspired you because of his/her uniqueness and that what matters at the end of the day. Apart from this, keep participating in literary events and keep enhancing your network with the people of same interests. Also, use digital marketing techniques on various social media platforms so that your writings reach out to masses. There are many advanced techniques that are being used currently to increase the footfall of readers online.

8. Carve out the objective of writing

It’s one of the most important strategies for becoming a successful writer. You need to very clear about the objective of your writing. This objective should answer all the why’s of your writing passion. Whether you want to write it for the purpose of sharing your own story with the world or arrange your ideas in the form of fiction or want to be a blogger in a particular domain let’s say technology, arts, lifestyle or travel. When the objective and genre of the writing is clear, its when you come down to the choice of words.

9. Let the ideas flow and write till your imagination starts bleeding

Do not constrain yourself with the number of words, just keep writing with the flow. Pen down every idea, thought, word, feeling that you want to share with your readers. Specifying the number of words to write a day will only limit your abilities and will serve as an obstacle to your writing career. No great authors have achieved success by compromising on the amount of writing they have done before becoming successful. Keep writing till it becomes a habit and no more appears laborious to you. If writing is getting you drained out of energy, then you should give a thought of making your career in writing.

10. Build your presence on online platforms

We are living in an era of technology and the digital world. Information transmits faster on online platforms faster than any other media. Start publishing your writings on platforms like, Blogger, Weebly,, Tumblr, etc. Do copy the links of your writings on all your social media sites. This will enable your followers aware of your literary works. Try building your networks on these online platforms. You can always create your website to publish your work and with the help of various marketing techniques can increase the footfall on your website.

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