BEST SMARTWATCHES IN INDIA 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!


Be it 21st century or the 19th century , watches have maintain their status to be a fashion statement for people. People have always dignified there status with the kind of watches they wear and the brand they carry.

It started with the “ HMT watches (Hindustan Machine Tools)” in India and now here we are with the Best smart watches from various brands like apple, fastrack etc . Now HMT has vanished away from the watch market and the only reason after this was , that they could not match up with the growing need and preferences of customers in the Indian market .

best smart watches

We started with the manual and automatic watches from the brand HMT then Titan , Sonata , Fastrack etc . Now with the change in century we have made ultimate progress in the development of gadgets and science, so now our watches are not just the one which shows time only. With the development of society we got some famous and rich brands in our market like Rolex, Tissot, Fossil etc who served us with the masterpieces.

Hard to say but these masterpieces are now struggling in the market because people are now switching with their convenience . This convenience has been brought by the smart watches because they have crossed the stereotype concept that “ watches are just meant to show time ” , now watches not only show up time but are like a gadget who records everything from footsteps to the heartbeats. Now these watches have almost all the features which we have in our mobiles, we can record , we can play music , we can count calories and many more features (Isn’t it really tempting !) .

In this era we all are running after technology and are getting reliable over it , the concept of this era is that “charge me high but get me everything at my door on a click. “ The youth today “ wants to save time “ and “ wants comfort “ and smartwatches are completely justifying there needs well ( Yes that’s the reason why analog masterpieces are having a hard time ) .

Smartwatches can be called as a small strap of joy with lots of comfort and features loaded into it . Now we would talk a bit about the features present in the smartwatches.



There are few features which can be easily found in all the smartwatches like :

  • CELLULAR CONNECTIVITY : No wonders that there are few watches in the market which are supporting independent sim card , but yes there are very few watches with this feature , but all the smartwatches support wifi and bluetooth connectivity to the mobile phones , which gives you the comfort of having pings on your watch when you have your whatsapp messages , it rings up a bell when somebody is calling you and overall it provides you with nice data connectivity .
  • BATTERY LIFE : Ahh ! a big issue for today’s generation is the battery life . More than gadgets they bother for the gadget’s battery life . Almost all the smartwatches come with a battery life of one to two days . But there is are smartwatches under the brand name “ Pebble ( not well known in India ) “ who will serve you with battery life of 6 to 7 days ( Apple , motorola , etc should compete to this ) .
  • DESIGN : Smartwatches are found to be restricted with designs . There are almost same designs and patterns followed by most of the brands . Although they have justified the needs in the small packet but still I believe that industry has much to offer over the variety of designs in the smartwatches ( like our analog masterpieces offered us with ) .
  • INFRARED SENSOR : I don’t think our parents would have ever imagined a watch would replace our television remotes and air conditioner remotes , but yes many watches are coming with this feature . This feature would make our watch as a one point solution , because now we no more need to rush over the remotes and neither we have to worry over finding the remotes in between the cushions . But this feature has not been profoundly found in all the smartwatches as industry has very few companies which serves you with this feature .
  • APPS : It is really important to know which all apps are supported by the watch , because more the number of apps supported by the watch , more efficient  and prominent it is . Different brands have different variety of watches which may or may not support various applications , so it is wise enough to check that your smartwatch has all the required support for the apps you need . It is better to check earlier than to regret later . To be specific almost all the watches support the fitness apps , which has step counts , calorie count , heart rate monitoring and sleep count . There are few advance apps that are being supported by the watches like GPS , barometer and the special one is sedentary reminders .
  • DISPLAY : The kind of display you want for your smartwatch is completely your  call , there are android watches with tiny screen ( touch screen ) but if you choose elegance and buttons then apple watches will offer you with the best .
  • MULTI – LANGUAGE SUPPORT : There are different watches which support different number of languages so according to your comfort level choose the language you want and accordingly choose the watch so that you can communicate with your watch with your utmost comfort .
  • MUSIC PLAYER : There are almost all the smartwatches which support music , there are few which can play music only when connected to mobile and there are few which can play music independently .

“ There are many features which are being developed inside this small packet of joy and few more have already been so wisely choose your packet of joy with your needs “



This watch has taken the concept of smartwatches to another level . It has a lot to offer and has set new and modified levels in the market. I don’t believe we have something better than this presently in our market . Trust me this can be one of your best choices in life ( if you don’t bother the cost ) .


  1. 1.78-inch 368 x 448 pixels LTPO OLED ( which is really fascinating )  .
  2. Powered by the all-new dual-core S5 chip, Apple watch series 5 is 50% faster than its predecessor.
  3. They are compatible with only iPhones .
  4. It has bluetooth connectivity .
  5. It has Wi-Fi and GPS also .
  6. It has support for applications like barometer , gyroscope , accelerometer and heart rate monitor .
  7. It has 18-hours of battery life .
  8. Fitness feature of this watch is way more accurate than any other smartwatches presently available in India .

“ The smoothness and efficiency of this watch is just lovely . Smartwatches are something really amazing and this apple watch is literally like a cherry to the cake “

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2)Samsung Galaxy Smartwatchh 

This is one of the best premium watches in the market which is serving both android and ios in the best possible manner . If you are an android user then this premium watch is definitely going to be the treat to your personality . It won’t be wrong to say that this watch , for android user is a saviour .


  1. It has samsung’s own operating system i.e Tizen ( which is not a well known OS ) .
  2. It has S – AMOLED display of 1.33 – inch ( 360 x 360 ) . This is one of the attractive feature found in smartwatches flexible with android .
  3. It has dual – core chip of 1Ghz and it has RAM of 512MB .
  4. These watches are IP68 protected .
  5. These watches not only have attractive and elegant design but also comes with really long battery life , as they have a battery life of 3 days ( isn’t it good enough ) .
  6. These watches are for the fitness freak people with the advance GPS technology attached .
  7. It has Wi – Fi , Bluetooth and 4G connection which gives you the convenience through which you can call anyone and can receive as well .

“ This watch is the one which can stand in the competition of Apple’s – Apple Watch Series 3 . It is a charm for android users “

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Fitbit is one of the well known and is a decent name in the industry of smartwatches . This watch is not only compatible with ios phones and android phones but are also compatible with windows mobile . The display of this watch is one of the most amazing part as they have perfect clarity and has combination of colours on that screen which adds to the glory . It is really very comfortable to carry because it has very less weight not only weight but also there straps are very comfortable and soft as well  . This watch has the perfect beautiful design as it has those extra bezels on the periphery of watch and all this makes it one for the shining colorful display .


  1. It has rectangular 1.25 inch OLED display ( 240 x 180 ) .
  2. It is a bit water and sweat proof ( won’t suggest you to dip the watch in water ) .
  3. It has an amazing battery life of near to 5 days but if you are heavily using it then they might survive for 3 days ( This is really great i guess )  .
  4. Do you know that this amazing watch has a really beautiful feature which can save your battery life for longer , this watch has a gyroscope that automatically turns on whenever you drag the watch towards you and automatically goes back to sleep mode . This feature severely saves the battery to next level .
  5. They have amazing sensor which can track your running , cardio , walking and also some other workouts . They track it efficiently and accurately . They have their own fitness tracking apps so they can be trusted well .
  6. It has a nice bunch of apps but does not have its own ( independent ) GPS so these watches will use the GPS from your smartphone .
  7. This smartwatch can even become a trainer for people who are the beginners in the fitness field , as this watch has inbuilt activity through which you can know about different exercises and how you can perform those exercises .
  8. This smartwatch can keep you close to your mobile phones as you can get all the notifications related to calls , text etc on your smartwatch .

“ This smartwatch is a treat to wear and explore if you have decided to be inside the range of 20,000 . It has elegant design with high accuracy level “

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It is a combination of traditional and mordern technologies together . If you are somewhere still confused to choose between the traditional masterpiece and smartwatches then this watch is the perfect one for your taste . This is really one of the most admirable pieces developed . As i described it to be a combination of two era which can be justified with there design , as they have a metal periphery which makes this smartwatch as one of the premium yet a traditional masterpiece . This is not just a robust watch but is smart as well with all the premium quality and technology bombarded in it . Talking more about the look of this watch i would love to describe that round dial with a perfect solid metal casing , it has a pleasing backcasting in blue which i genuinely love about this watch .


  1. It has 1.73 – inch OLED display ( 320 x 290 ) . It has an elegant display with beautiful colours .
  2. It has 4GB memory and has 512 RAM .
  3. This does not have heart rate sensor but yes there are many other sensors available for fitness tracking .
  4. They have sleep tracking sensors in it .
  5. There is bluetooth v4.1 in this smartwatch .
  6. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity .
  7. This watch gives you nice connectivity to your mobile notifications and especially to take calls and to reject calls also .
  8. It does not have GPS ( independent ) facility .
  9. It has 3 buttons on one side ( including crown ) which would help you to control this smartwatch .

“ This is really one of the most appealing watches available in the market as it compensate for both the traditional and mordern look . This can become one of your prettiest style accessory in the wardrobe as this will give perfect attitude to your personality . Trust me you will feel good to use this smartwatch “

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This is one of the most well known and latest name when it comes to smartwatches , I guess if you ever plan to search for smartwatch then you must have heard the name of “ MISFIT VAPOUR SMARTWATCHES “ .  The design of this watch is very much similar to the design of Moto 360 as they have similar kind of thick round dial which gives you the confidence of military . This would even remind you of Casio G – Shock watches in few ways .


  1. It has 1.39-inch AMOLED display ( 392 x 392 ) .The display is very big and bright which gives it a magnificent look and gives different angles to view .
  2. It has 1GB of RAM  and has 4GB of memory .
  3. This watch is lead by android wear 2.0 .
  4. The best feature of this watch is that this is compatible with the android mobiles which are compatible with android 4.3 version or even with the later versions .
  5. It also has heart rate sensors which is accurate .
  6. It does not have GPS in it .
  7. It has notifications facility , as you can read messages , reply to the messages .
  8. They have pedometer in it .
  9. This watch survives for a day and you can charge later .

“ You can make it as one of the most reliable watch by carrying your smartphones with it . This is a very responsive watch and is a complete package for those who want a combination of fitness gadget with smartwatch  . “

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If you are the person who loves simplicity and simple things then this watch is completely made for you . This brand has kept everything simple and elegant in their smartwatch . They are not just simple but are cheap are also , if we consider the smartwatch market then pebble is really one of the most cheapest watch available . Coming to bands you have a choice as it comes with a steel strap or with a rubber band strap , both the bands have their own beauty but I would say that steel one gives a premium look ( as compared to price ) .


  1. It has a beautiful coloured and reflective display which adds on to the looks ( until and unless you have to look down at it under the sun ) .
  2. It is waterproof so you can take this to the pool and can confidently carry it in the rainy season as well .
  3. Considering the battery life I would say it has a nice duration as it can last upto 4 days ( if you don’t heavily use it ) . But for how long you want the battery depends on your usage  , still comparatively battery time is good .
  4. It has storage capacity , and can hold few app . Obviously having all the storage makes it easy to store anything on your watch and later you can easily load it with apps .
  5. Not all the apps are compatible with the operating system of this watch ( taking Indian apps into consideration ) . But the majority of the applications available are free .
  6. This smartwatch can support both Android and iOS so that is the one comfortable and attractive point for users .
  7. I believe this is a fine watch but when it comes to apps then it really needs a bit of polishing and the apps available are a mixture of good and bad apps so at time you can get few amazing apps and at same gesture you may find some really annoying and bad apps altogether . Another thing is if you are using this in day light then it will give you a hard time while reading .
  8. No touchscreen ( which is a set back for it ) .
  9. It has difficulty while navigating because of no touchscreen available .

“ Yes this watch is the right choice under your budget , ofcourse there are few minor problems but i don’t think that those problems would disgrace this smartwatch in the market and in your life as well . For this watch I would say that it justifies the statement that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication “

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This watch has everything to attract at and to die for . I tell you that beautiful minimalistic design is something that is really appealing . This version of smartwatches are the one especially designed to give you the sporty look as this is a new and leveled sporty style statement for sporty users . Actually when motorola was acquired by lenovo and then people started pre-assuming that Moto would go through a change but    Motorola has been true to its root and it is really amazing to see that they are still following the same design and pattern of original Moto 360 with few changes here and there ( so now i guess we don’t have questions over the change in moto ) . This Motorola moto 360 sports watch is for people who prefer to be active and loves to enjoy sports a lot . It has everything to please any average consumer . Even if you are not the one who is actively present in sports then also this watch has really got good things to offer you as they have very decent features in it .


  1. One of the most attractive thing about Moto 360 Sport is the screen of the watch which is an attraction for a lot of users as they love the tech into it also . Do you know which tech I am talking about and why am I praising the screen so much ? Because Motorola is calling AnyLight display , which means that whenever the user is under the normal light and is using or looking at the watch under it then it looks exactly like a LCD screen and whenever there is no one staring at the watch ( i.e the watch is idle ) or if there is direct light on the watch faces then the screen of the watch automatically turns into transreflective display . This kind of display is there on the pebble time watches . This special feature saves battery life and provide better and convenient readability to the user .
  2. Battery life is not good ( as it cannot power up the watches throughout multiple days ) . The Motorola moto 360 sport on full charge lasts for a full day or a bit higher than that if you don’t use it frequently ( if you have a habit to put your mobile and watches on charge before sleeping then it’s your type ) .
  3. You cannot do multi – sport tracking on this watch ( although  it was developed for the sporty ones ) .
  4. It does not have a good or reliable heartbeat sensors .
  5. It is cheaper than other smartwatches that are present in the market .

“ You know I won’t say that this is the best smartwatch available but yes this is the kind of smartwatch for people who find the issues related to it as just subjective and are looking for a budget friendly watch then this is your thing to buy “

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Xiaomi has been the brand which has been releasing amazing products and which are budget friendly ( I believe this is the biggest attraction for we Indians ) . They have launched many smartphones and many of the accessories which have been really pocket friendly for everyone . They just don’t give you the pocket friendly stuffs but also gives you high end feel with their amazing design and structure . For most of the parts they use some high end things to develop ( now you can say that quality is even perfect , same as the money ) . They have an amazing build and pattern which will you give you that classy and elegant look .FEATURES :

  1. The display in this uses the transreflective concept ( followed in almost all the watches ) . The display of this watch is fine and bright enough
  2. One of the attractive point about these smartwatches is their battery life as it can run for near about 3 to 5 days on charging it full ( which is really one of the best battery life under the variety of smartwatches ) .
  3. It is a cheap watch so if you want a low cost beautiful watch then Xiomi Amazfit is your thing .
  4. It has bluetooth connectivity .
  5. It has GPS connectivity .
  6. There are a lot of sensors and fitness trackers present in it .
  7. The firmware of this watch needs some correction .
  8. The companion apps are not loaded well with features .
  9. The fitness activities are also limited on this watch
  10. It uses the charging dock .

“ Although it may look on paper that this watch is not a complete package for you but it is not so , this watch serves best at their price . I will agree that there are few things which are not too good and perfect to deal with ( few issues have to be tolerated ) , the apps present in it are way too basic ( you get the minimum facility ) , but still trust me that when you will use this watch you are not going to have a very bad overall experience . It has been an attraction for a lot of people for what it is and with time Xiaomi will fix all the small small issues related to it . “

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We know that Asus is not doing well in the industry of smartphones but you cannot carry this same concept for smartwatches industry also. Asus has been bringing out many type of smartwatches in the market for the last few years. This Zenwatch is one of the most loved series of smartwatch because of its looks . Asus can be trusted well with the hardware things specially , because they are focusing over the future very well .  They have a unique and beautiful thing that is those beautiful bezel-less design , from which we can easily predict that how Asus is preparing itself for the future . Asus watches have amazing stylish elements which match up to the mordern day requirement of youth , they have not only maintained the style statement but has also maintained the comfort . It has everything that is required ( to the basic need ) .


  1. The display is one of the best quality of the watch as the screen is AMOLED . The display is very big and bright which gives you the new and stunning look and is one of the best displays available in the market .
  2. The Zenwatch 3 uses 316L steel ( this is a grade steel ) for the construction .
  3. The watch is covered with Corning Gorilla glass 2.5D , which helps you to prevent scratches and the marks ( for more protection you can opt screen protectors ) .
  4. They have decent battery life , yes it is not right to say that on one full charge the battery would last for several days but yes it lasts for 1.5 to 2 consecutive days ( which is pretty good i guess ! ) .
  5. They have basic features of fitness trackers and many sensors which you would require .
  6. In this fitness features are not in deep as compared to the other watches present in the market
  7. The ZenWatch 3 is also great when it comes to the overall construction and build quality .
  8. Asus is a brand that is known for creating nicely build things ( like the computer division of asus ) but then also the charging dock looks very cheap ( I wish they would have paid similar attention like their computer department ) .
  9. Although charging dock looks cheap but the watch is very solid and sturdy .

“ This smartwatch is a mixture of lot of good and bad things from premium screen to bad tracking system . This is a package for people who don’t have major concern for fitness , so if you are not a fitness freak and is worried for premium look then this is your thing . “

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  • NOTIFICATIONS ALERT : The masterpieces which were developed earlier they had only one purpose and that was to show time but with this changing era we got smartwatches which brought us a step closer to our mobile alerts as now smartwatches have a feature to send alerts so you can easily take the calls and can disconnect the calls , you can be close to you social networking accounts as every whatsapp and facebook notification is now available on your watch . So to check out the notifications you don’t need to check your phone every minute .
  • NAVIGATION : GPS is the need of every person specially for the people who have field work ( like marketing ) or everyone nowadays wants GPS . If you are the one with four wheeler then there are no issues as you can use your mobile simultaneously but it is really difficult for the people on bike ( or any two wheeler ) , so for them GPS in smartwatches are the saviour .
  • EASILY YOU CAN MAKE CALLS AND SEND MESSAGES  : Now there are many smartwatches which give you the convenience through which you can reply to the messages and can call anyone , although this is not commonly found feature .
  • PERSONALIZED INFORMATION AND HEALTH TRACKING SYSTEM: Can you even imagine now someone is there who is counting your sleeping hours and the calories your burnt throughout your day . Smartwatch is like a checklist of your life where you can keep a check over everything you did for the whole day like you can check that did you had proper sleeping hours or not or did you burn the required calories or not .
  • NEW LOOKS EVERYDAY : We easily get bored with the watches by wearing the same everyday but now smartwatches have got the solution for it as you can now keep changing the frames , you get new colours also , which gives you the feeling of having something new back in your hands . So with smartwatches you have a new face with time .
  • VIBRATION WON’T LET YOU MISS THE CALLS : If you are the one using two – wheeler then I believe you can easily relate that due to huge rush and traffic you miss out many calls while driving even if your phone is in the ringing mode . Now smartwatches have solved your problem as they give you the vibration on the wrist whenever someone is calling you or texting you and this feature gives you the space to either pick up the call or leave the call . So with smartwatches you won’t miss any important call even while driving .
  • SMARTWATCHES SERVE ENTERTAINMENT : Do you know that your smartwatches can be your small size theater ( if size doesn’t matter ) because now you can easily watch movies of any length without any problem . You can hear music also by connecting earphones to your smartwatches .


  • LESS BATTERY LIFE : The biggest problem of smartwatches is their battery issue because they have very less battery as you need to charge your smartwatche every 3 to 4 days . The smartwatches survive maximum for 3 days that to if you use it wisely . There are smartwatches which survive for only 1 to 2 days even . It is really a bit inconvenient to charge the thing which you wear 24 hour so it is completely possible that you have a dead watch very next morning . Because of this you may suffer interruption in tracking ( be it sleeping tracking or calorie tracking ) 
  • WRONG DATA : Yes our smartwatches are really smart and they can now count almost everything about you be it your heart rate , calories , sleep , steps etc but do you know about the accuracy of data ? No that data is not always 100% correct even there are smart watches which doesn’t show 80% correct result . So bands need to work on the sensors in a pretty good manner so that we can get the best analysed data .
  • SMALL SCREEN : As you know that screen size is small so although we have the facility to text people or to watch movie on our smart watches but still that small screen is a big constraint because the eyes will start hurting soon if you keep working over such a small screen . So whatever facility we get on these smartwatches are not really meant to be used with convenience especially if you have some eye problem then think before using them for some entertainment purpose .
  • EXPENSIVE : Smartwatches are really way to expensive as they cost from 20,000 to 40,000 ( INR ) which is not at all a small amount and the payback value is literally nothing as compared to the cost price .
  • GETS OUTDATED : These bands are for the style statement and you know fashion keeps updating so it is sure that  the smartwatch you are owning is going to get out of fashion very soon and then that will be really annoying after investing so much . Not only this but infact these watches run on ios and android whose versions keep getting updated so you never know when your watch stops supporting you mobile’s version .
  • WATER RESISTANT : No we cannot say that bands are completely waterproof because with time water hampers their working  .

“ Smartwatches are something that is becoming a trend and a fashion statement all over the country . I believe this blog would deliver you with best of my knowledge about the smartwatches so choose it wisely keeping all the pros and cons in mind and then be ready to rock with your brand new smartwatch ( BE SMART WHILE CHOOSING YOUR SMARTWATCH ) .  “


If I would have to buy one for myself then in:

Scenario 1: Budget was not a issue- with closed eyes- its Apple Series 5.


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