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24 Unique Business Ideas in India With Low Investment For 2020

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In this post you’re going to learn about Business Ideas you can start Today.

The best part?

Everything in this list of Business ideas applies in 2020.

(In other words: you don’t need to worry about reading outdated stuff)

So without further ado, let’s get started…

Aren’t we living we the concept that to run a business we need lots of money and to be a business man we need to have an empire…..

But the reality is that all this sounded pretty good when we were in 19 century but today it is easiest to be a business man as you need no money … you need no empire …. you need no treasure box all you need to have is talent, patience and tolerance .

Becoming a business man is no more a big deal to crack out because there are several ways and several businesses where you will become a business man with zero investment or with very little investment.

So if you want to try your luck over business and if you have passion for it then these are the few ways to conquer your dream

Business Ideas in India With Low Investment For 2020

1. Medical tour facility : [New business idea]

Medical tour facility - Business ideas

We all know that medical services are highly expensive in other countries so foreigners actually try to come to India and get themselves treated.

But for this also foreigners actually have a lot to suffer with. They suffer through issues in planning because they don’t know who exactly they should consult, or which hospital will be the best in their budget. For such people you can be a saviour by planning their trip and by suggesting them the right hospital in their budget.

You can plan everything in their trip by telling them the right mode of payment to the hospital and you can bring them in contact with the best doctors. Through this you are even building a helpful image of Indians and you will be adding to the economy of India ( Tourism ) and will be promoting the health sector convenience of our country.

So you can help your government by helping yourself also and you can earn extremely well.

2. Auto Modification services :

Auto Modification services

There are many people who love to customize their cars to their will. They love experimenting with parts of their vehicle.

Especially the young boys and girls, they like to customize everything according to their will , like they may wish to add the sports look to their vehicle or they may want to add graphics ( the most common requirement ) to their car. Not only these people but there are many people who does not like some of the feature of the upper model of a car but they want all other features of upper model so in that case they buy the middle model and get their car customized with all the other features which they like in the upper model.

The same could be even done by a certain bunch of crowd who can’t afford the upper model so in that case also they can buy the middle or lower model and can get the required parts or technology in their car.

3. Hobby Class : [Best Business Ideas]

Hobby Class

It’s a big problem to run for your passion, searching out dance classes, painting class, singing class, etc. can make you feel exhausting. So for such people you can be a one stop solution by making a hobby class where you have all the activities related to a person’s passion.

Basically hobby class is especially for those who want to join one and more activities and doesn’t want to search and run for it. Finding all your favorite activities together at one place can be so nice and happy for people who are so busy in life.

Hobby classes are trending in between people because it not only helps people to follow their passion but also helps in saving time. To build a hobby class you need to have right space and qualified bunch of teachers.

4. Car Pooling : [Business Idea in India for Beginners]

Car Pooling

Do you have a car ? If yes then you can earn money while going to office and while coming back from office by literally doing nothing.

There are many of the applications which can help you through this process, through the application you can check all the travelers who want to pool your car and need a drop on your way, and you can pick up those travelers near you and can drop them on your way.

Through this process you can earn money without doing anything. This is an easy and approachable thing for everyone who owns a car. By starting this business you are not only earning money but you are even saving pollution level and fuel consumption. So you are helping in saving environment and is earning money from it.

5. A business for people who love walking : [Easy Business without Investment]

Do you like  going for long walks , or do you like wandering in streets and enjoy eating the food and meeting people then I believe your this attitude can grab lots of money because there are many portals and entertainment services which offer the walking tours which is a great way to earn money along with lots of fun .

This concept of gazing around is getting very famous in India as you can take foreign travelers on walk at different places ( places which are a point of attraction ) . Foreigners even love going on walks and in this way you can make them visit beautiful places and even this would help you in discovering new places . Not only this you can make them taste the street cuisine of India and you can even help them in shopping by doing a proper bargaining ( like every Indian ).

We all know how people at street shops increase their prices when a foreigner arrives, so in this scenario you can help the foreigners to get the better knowledge about prices and can help them in getting things at the right amount.

6. Boutique or Designer :

Event planning

There are talents which know no boundations, and designing or creating unique stuffs is one such talent. Opening a boutique is completely a talent based business if you have talent for it then definitely the ball is in your court , because boutique is trending out to be one of the high return giving business for people with talent. We all know about the people’s next level fascination for clothes, so if you able to fulfill the exact requirement of your customer and can make it to their fit then i believe they will definitely pay you with your requirements. There is a misconception regarding this boutique business that you should have done some designing course or degree but no for opening a boutique all you need to have is your talent, nobody is going to ask you about your degree. There are many small businesses running with this concept and especially there are many women who have empowered themselves with this approach.

7. Creche for Pets :

We all know about the status of pets in our society, it is really unbearable to see the pain of those homeless animals. We can see them craving for food and love on roads but people are rude enough to avoid such things.

But of course there are many initiatives that are being taken by the people as they have started adopting those homeless animals but there are people who want to adopt them but they have problem in taking proper care of them because of their office schedules or because of their professional and personal travelling and these reasons stop them from giving home to these homeless animals. So in such case you can be a help by opening a creche for pets like we have creche for kids.

In this creche you can allow people to keep their pets and can feed and train them , so this will help people in trusting you then they can keep their pets with you. Your this step will appreciate people to adopt more and more pets, so it is really important to excel out this business more . With this you can put different charges for like grooming, training and feeding so this will help you in earning and you can definitely trust me with the profits in this business. It works as a cherry on the cake if you have love for pets.

8. Gardening services : [business ideas with low investment and high profit]

In the rising level of pollution and awareness regarding that has made people practice gardening even at their small yards.

People are trying to develop their small place o peace in greenery with whatever area they are having, infact people who are not having even that small space are trying to grow their garden in pots. But they lack at knowledge of providing the right fertilisers and care to grow their plants, so for such people you can be a great help because you can go to their houses in a week or month and can check the needs of their garden and can help them with right fertilisers and right precautions so that the plants can grow well and can bear fruits.

Gardening services are very famous in cities and people will pay you high if they really find your services effective on their garden and with this you will be able to earn with your own comforts and pleasure.

9. Match Makers :

Yes this is one heck of a task ….. Earlier it use to be done by our grandmothers, as they themselves use to be the reporter of all the families and use to fix the marriages.

But now i believe hardly anyone in the family has this much of time to invest on searching a perfect match for someone or even for their own children and if in case they have time then they don’t have the approach to search from the best options.

So starting up match making business is a good choice but for this you need to have contacts and information so that you can decide the best option for each one and can help them in choosing the best and the right one. We all know that marriage mixing is a kind of rituals so people would love paying you out because you will be helping them in taking one of the most appropriate and best decision of their life.

10. Cooking Classes :

Cooking Classes

Who says that people don’t like cooking? I believe people are getting more and more aware about the importance of food prepared at house and are becoming health and hygiene conscious, so they prefer cooking it themselves. Cooking classes are of great help to such people who want to cook but are not able to cook, so they need a platform where they can learn how to cook .

There are many section of people who will come to your business first of all you will have people who have love for cooking , second you will be having a crowd which is health conscious but they don’t know how to cook healthy and right food for themselves so they would love to learn all the healthy and tasty recipes, third will be the crowd of people who are bachelors and are bored of eating outside so they want to learn dishes which are quick and easy to cook and then there will be people who will send their children for cooking classes because they want to make their child independent in every sense as they don’t want their child to suffer in future in any way.

So I believe there will be good bunch of crowd you will be attracting so you can earn pretty good and can expand your business to next level.

11. Pest control and fumigation :

Earlier we never needed such technology to have pest control because of some natural activities which we use to perform like earlier people use to burn neem in the house and use to perform many things which killed all such pests automatically . But now as the technologies have developed we have also developed a lot of risk with us, one of them is to have pests in your house which is really very unhygienic and annoying.

Think cockroaches are roaming around or rats are their , how annoying it would be to see this . We all know the number of diseases spread by these pests, and we all are aware with the number of lives affected by them ( for e.g. dengue which is spread by mosquitoes ). We call know that presence of these pests are also a nature’s call only so to get rid off them there is one way that is through pest control or through fumigation. Pest control is like everyone’s demand because nobody wants to put their life at risk because of these pests , so people don’t mind in investing a amount over it because they understand the importance of pest control / fumigation.

You can even get contracts from the builders who build whole societies and flats where you will get the contract of doing pest control in all the flats.

12. AGENT ( You can work to bring customer and government together ) :

Bureaucracy is something which I personally believe can never be eliminated from India . If you want to have a new license online then there are very few agencies or people who can help you through this. So you can be the one who can help people through this for this business all you need to have is to have right contacts in the sector.

If you have right contacts in the government sector then getting your things done is not a big deal as you can rightly use them and through this other people will get there work done and they will pay you the right amount. Although this is not an easy task because getting your task done by these government people is a talent itself.

It is not just that you are making money infact you are helping other people also who are struggling in between the government policies , moreover you will be having happy and satisfied customers because there work is completed on time.

13. Reselling of books :

This is one of the old and famous business all over India as we understand the importance of books in our life but the course books and many academic books become useless from our point of view so in such case instead of keeping them in our house and burdening our home with it we can sell them to someone who can resell it.

Being an Indian we all know that our moms are never going to let us throw it or to scrap it because for them it is like insulting the goddess and I guess the thought is not wrong also that instead of scrapping it out and destroying it out we should sell them so that atleast someone can use it.

There are things which are useless to us but can be severely useful to someone else so it is good to help others in using it. So you can a start a business by being an intermediate between the old users and the new users as you can buy them at half rate ( or more ) from old users and can re-sale them to new users at a new price with a bit of your profit added in it.

14. Insurance agent :

Awareness and importance of insurance is something that government of India is assuring to spread in everyone. This is one of the most trending business because everyone is understanding the importance of insurance and they want to protect something for their family and moreover they don’t want to risk out anything.

Nowadays forget about people now even the utensils can be insured so in this business you have a wide field to spread yourself because the business field includes everyone and everything so expected growth rate and earning amount both are way too high because of bigger scope of field. Insuring everything in the business or in the house is something really being promoted everywhere. People are paying high amounts to insure their goods like cars and all.

All the business man be it a big scale or small scale one all of them need insurance, so becoming an insurance agent is very easy and earning money out of it is even easy, all you have to do is to give your best and you have to be patient with your work.

15. Fitness trainers :

Yoga Class - Business ideas

Are you a fitness freak? Do you like looking after your food and hygiene. Are you the one who is an exercise freak? Then becoming a fitness trainer is very easy all you need to have is good knowledge of fitness and food so that you can guide people to your best of your knowledge.

Fitness trainers are the one who every person is demanding to be with because people of 21st century are becoming more and more fitness concerned. You can become personal trainer and to be that you have to train people individually and to their body requirements, you may need to give home training to the people on their scheduled time slot. Fitness trainers include yoga , aerobic and zumba trainers as well.

Other way is to open your own gym place where you can train people and can charge them to your will, the benefit of this business is that with this you can simultaneously carry your home training things and can double up your earning.

16. Ice dish and soda shop :

We all know about the rising temperature on earth due to global warming and now the summers have become hell in our country so demand for such things like soda shops and ice cubes have increased a lot.

Ice cubes are in demand from many of the wine shops so that they can provide ice to their customers, so from here you can get your bulk orders. Ice are important in many industry like hospitals, people who organise parties , they require ice in bulk for all the drinks and for ice creams as well. Shake shops are also the one who require ice cubes for making shakes.

You can be a direct ice supplier or you can start your own shop of stuffs like soda shop, shake shops which require ice. These products are highly in demand especially in a country like India where global warming is hitting hard and the temperature is rising and summers seems to be hell.

17. Dairy Products :[Small Business Ideas in India for Womens]

Talking about this sector I would personally say that there is a huge scope because there are many products to be sold so the scope of work is not at all limited to anything. In fact you have a scope of making some unique products of your choice.

In dairy products you can either start supply of raw materials like milk and butter. Or you can start supplying products that are prepared from milk. In this sector of supplying dairy products we are loosing the originality of our dairy products and with this we also know that dairy products are very important for an individual and especially for growing children so if you keep your quality high and manage to serve people on time then you have everything in your favour and nobody can stop your growth at any cost.

Business of dairy and experimented  products is highly demanded if you maintain your quality.

Papad making :


This business is the well known anganbaadi business.

In early times this business of papad making was started by a group of people to empower women by using the taste of their hands. Women started making papad at their home and later they combined a community of ladies and they started making papad at home and they started selling it outside and with this they started earning money.

But now this business has grown to next level and now this small scale business has started to rule the industry as now we have papad mills, who are adding a lot to our economy. This business of papad making has really empowered women a lot and has given wings to the talent of women.

Now this talent of women to make papad and khakra has gained lot of  importance in the industry and are helping people to earn a lot and has even added to the employment rate.

18. Collection Agent :

There is a lot of corporate houses and banks who want people who can fetch back their money from clients and also from corporate house .

In this you have to also deliver the bank instruments on time to the companies and customers . This thing can get you a great deal of benefit by being a collection agent for any of the organizations . Don’t confuse the collection agent with debt recovery agent because they are two different thing . Again this business is a zero investment and high profit deal .

Again it’s not easy because people are running out to recover money which customer never wanted to pay so take that money out is a tough deal but it is definitely not at all impossible if you know to use your arms properly.

19. Paan Centre :

Paan centre are something very common for every street in India. Paan centre are now gaining there popularity and have made our Indian traditional paans are gaining importance all over the world.

No, don’t relate paan with tobacco because paan culture has rised above it as now we have launched many different types of paan like chocolate paan, fruit paan, rasberry paan and many more as there are i guess more than hundred variety of paans in the market. Now all the malls have pan centre where they charge hundreds of rupees for a single paan . There are few adventurous paans also like fire paan and ice paan which are highly charged.

Not only this but all the marriages have paan centre with different varieties and all the restaurants and hotels serve complimentary paan after food. Earlier this concept of paan was bounded in the boundary of India but now it has spread all over in the society and in the other countries also.

20. Utensil Shops :

Utensil Shops

Utensil are used by everyone be it in houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, and everywhere else. Mainly utensils are highly used in restaurants, hotels and houses as they buy the utensils in bulk In fact there are many restaurants which give bulk order of utensils to the dealer and you can be that dealer.

There is one more thing which you can do is to buy the used utensils and can scrap it out to make new utensil, this is one way where people are able to make money out of useless stuffs and you even get the steel at the lower price and after scrapping it out you get the same price as of new utensil.

Starting this business requires very little investment and with this little investment you get high return as the profit margin in this industry is very high compared to other.

21. Xerox Shop :

Xerox shops are least investment business because in this you have to just buy a xerox machine and you can start this business with any corner. Actually everyone requires xerox and printout although we have become digitally empowered but still few things are required to be documented .

But everyone cannot buy a xerox machine or a printed and can keep it at their house because they don’t require it every day or so frequently so they don’t find it important to buy the machine and keep it at home. So for such people these shops are lifeline and this business as a high profit margin as we know that if we print out of xerox any page then it costs near about 10 paise for one page but in market the same thing is charged for Rs 2 per page, so now you can see the profit margin in the market.

There are people who may take bulk printouts as there are many students who want to have many printouts or xerox for their exams.

22. Creative Photo Seller :

There are people with good photography talent and they love clicking some unique and beautiful picture and then there is a crowd who love watching such things.

There are people who love making collection of beautiful pictures as there eyes finds beauty in everything as there vision is different from ours to see anything. So when you have this talent to find beauty in every other thing then why not use it in a positive way and earn money from it all you have to do is to promote your photographs and once people start loving your work then they will buy those unique pictures at a nice price.

This is again one of the low investment business as in this all you have to invest is on camera and on framing the pictures otherwise there is nothing to investment and moreover now for promotions you cannot find a better place than to be on social media so all your promotions can be done from there and you can make customers and money as well.

23. Poultry and fish farming :


There is a huge section of people who have love for eating chickens and fishes and those people are increasing the concept of Poultry and fish farming.

This business has been running from decades as this is nothing new in the market. This business require a bit of investment as you have to have a nice space to keep your chickens and you have to have proper hygienic pond for fishes to survive in it .

You can do this business at an individual level but this can be even done at a high scale once when you come in contact with the restaurants, hotels and those marriage or event organisers as they buy all this in bulk . You can be a wholesaler who can supply these things to a complete market but in this business also you have to keep your standards high and talking about the rates I would say they are always high in this industry.

24. Lending business :

Did you know about this hand to hand lending business flourishing out with pretty good interest rate ?

There is still a section of society which fears from bank , or there are people who want money more than the amount they are eligible to take from banks , so in such cases where they get the money from ? This person can be you, as you can get them money from somewhere in the market through your approaches and they will pay you a certain interest rate per month over the principle and the good thing is that there are no barriers for this interest rate so you can charge it to your best, but there is competition in the market so you have to keep a check over others that you are asking a lower interest than your competition or not otherwise why would people take it from you and second thing you have to maintain a trust in the market to flourish well or else start your countdown in the market.

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