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50 AWESOME Business Ideas [2020 updated]

business ideas

Are you looking for the Business Ideas in 2020?

I’m going to show you Business trends that are working right now (in 2020).

In short: if you want have a dream of being your own boss , you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started.

  • In the list that we are going to cover has businesses that you can run from your home
  • Plus, in different cases, you may need to rent little premises
  • Some easy and effective online low investment jobs are also covered
  • To start these businesses, you would only need to utilize the small capital that you have

So, let us start unfolding the mystery straight away and dive deep into the world of some of the easy and effective small list of business ideas-

50 Business Ideas with Low Investment in 2020

business ideas

1. Children Play & Fun Area

  • The very first novel and beneficial business idea with low investment are children play and fun area. Little kids love investing energy at the innovative playground and you can pull in them with your attractive play areas
  • They enjoy places that offer them creative, attractive and fun-full appeal. New parents also prefer sending their kids to such places, so their children can enjoy the company of other kids
  • You can begin Children and Fun Ground just with a moderate investment. If you already have vacant space of big halls, you can easily start this business

2. Enrollment or Recruitment Services

  • Starting your very own recruitment services is another option to start your own business with low investment
  • You simply require great information about applicants searching for Job
  • Stay in contact with businesses and job portals to refer right candidates to the organization and receive money in return
  • It is a great independent venture, as you will be getting a commission from both the sides

3. Phone Repair, Accessories and Recharge Services

  • Smartphones are as pervasive as essential and you can easily start Phone Repair, Recharge, and Accessories business with nominal investment
  • Variety of brands and less expensive variations are regularly entering the market
  • India has more than 300 million mobile users and this number is only going to increase, means creating better opportunities for you to generate revenues

4. Network Marketing

Business ideas - network marketing

  • Otherwise called Multi-Level Marketing, Network marketing is a fantastic small business idea for you. For this, you have to tie-up with very reputed brands that offer incredible items
  • Just by doing an internet search, you will get the idea of some of the very popular and useful products. Nutritional products, dietician products, gym supplements are some of the products that you can sell via Network Marketing

5. Food Trucks

  • Again a very popular small profitable business idea, food trucks are portable eating joints that can offer local or continental foods at a genuinely sensible cost
  • Ease of access and mobility of food trucks make them a perfect small business that only asks you to arrange an auto that can be modified into the food truck
  • You can also place your truck at different places, once your brand is a hit, you can use multiple food trucks with the same brand name at different locations

6. Childcare or Babysitting

  • This is an independent venture for ladies that can be run from home or little premises at the next to no investment. All you have to put resources into are a couple of toys, games, mattresses, and cribs.
  • Plus, you need to Include a couple of parcels of diapers, medical aid box, antiseptic creams. These days, babysitting services are very popular because of working parents and one of the best business ideas one can find.

7. Ice Cream Parlors

  • We all know ice creams are always going to be the hot favorite of people. A small little ice cream parlor is a perfect low-investment option for you
  • They require negligible space, essential but very little hardware, and low staffing. This makes it an ideal little investment alternative. Ice Cream Parlor owners can pick particular kinds of ice creams that are not easily accessible in the city
  • They will work incredibly around film theaters or prominent places in the city

8. Aquariums and fish

  • Opting for this business will only demand a little investment and you can run it from your home. To function it, you only need to purchase a couple of aquariums of different sizes and various types of fish that are prevalent amongst aquarium lovers
  • You can likewise breed fishes, that is also quite easy and hence, you can multiply your revenue quite easily. Also, you can sell air pumps, decorative stuff, fish foods, etc

9. Bookshops + Cafe

  • Bookshops and Café is one of the most popular small businesses with low investment. Earlier it has been a major hit in a couple of metro urban areas yet most of the small Indian cities are yet to try this
  • With a developing society, this concept can be very useful to try, as we are one of the youngest nations in the world and this can be a very effective business ideas to pull in youths

10. Housekeeping Services

  • You must have seen apps like UrbanClap and Haptik, they have opened a radical new way of how we function around cooking and cleaning requirements
  • Be that as it may, such app-driven services are constrained to big urban cities and even confined to just certain parts of the metro urban areas
  • You can start your own housekeeping administrations by means of a site or a telephone. This again will not require any big investment

11. Tourism

  • Despite the fact that this alternative is exceedingly reliant upon the area you live, most Indian towns have enough character to pull in sightseers
  • Be it north, south, northeast, west or center, there are a number of Indian and global tourists come and with an in-depth knowledge of the place, you can easily offer tourism services
  • Homestay, rent bikes, or tour guides are some of the services that you can offer

12. Social Media Services

Social Media Services - business plan

  • Today web-based social networking is one of the major businesses that need small investment. Numerous organizations search for the best online marketing organizations
  • You can plan to begin your own organization just by learning and mastering social media marketing that can be quite easy if you have an interest in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat sorts of platforms
  • You can also be a freelance Social Media Expert and offer your services from your home

13. Dietary Consultancy Services

  • The greater part of individuals stressed today over the right diet plan for them. They frequently look for the right direction on dietary patterns from a dietician
  • In the event that you are master in this field, you can plan to begin dietary consultancy benefit. You can run it from your home by promoting your business locally. You can also make videos on the right diet plan on YouTube

14. Used Car Dealership (Business ideas)

  • Middle-class people who cannot afford new cars also dream for the cars, which create a great opportunity for used car dealership businesses.
  • People who want to run cars in taxis are also interested in buying used cars. You can begin this business by taking dealership of used auto and working on commission basis. All such features make it one of the most popular businesses with low investment.

15. Driving School

  • Driving School is an evergreen business as an ever-increasing number of individuals needs to figure out how to drive a car
  • With the end goal to begin this business, you only need a few cars and a decent group of drivers who can instruct auto driving to new car owners

16. Translation Services

Translation Services - Business ideas

  • Today numerous organizations work over the globe and in some cases, they confront issues identified with dialects or languages and Translation services can be a quite useful business if you are proficient in other languages than your native language
  • Online translations services are also available and you can do such jobs from your home only. You can also make a network of like-minded people who know different languages and they can run an online translation business with your team

17. Packer and Movers

  • This business needs unique ability, tools, and a few men to pack the entire household into a couple of boxes
  • A house-proprietor will readily get himself free of such a cerebral pain and give you a chance to do it for an expense
  • It is a business idea that needs minimal investment and has great opportunities, as in India, Government or even private employees move from place to place with their job transfers or better career opportunities

18. Custom Gift Store

  • Custom Gift Store is a standout amongst other inventive business ideas with low investment
  • Around here you have to serve the client by offering personalized gifts according to their necessity
  • Some of the examples are printed shirts, mugs, modified cards, photograph collections, Smart watches, cardholder, and so on
  • You can open this store on the web or offline as well. If you have a little more money, you can also take franchise of Archies sorts of brands

19. Antique Business

  • Antique item business is great business thought. Around here, you will manage old-fashioned things, furniture and other unique, pristine but valuable items
  • You can begin this business by orchestrating an auction or by opening a little shop. It is sumptuous portion business and discovering purchasers in this business can be troublesome, notwithstanding, it is a profoundly gainful business if you have the knack of valuable antique items

20. Interior Designing Services

  • A standout amongst the most prominent and innovative alternatives for the business is turning into an Interior Design Expert
  • On the off chance that you are from an architecture background and have the good aesthetic appeal of interior house designs, you can easily start this business

21. Dance Coaching

  • Starting dance training class is among extraordinary compared to other business thoughts. This one needs quite a low investment
  • You can either contract a choreographer or if you already know the popular dance forms, you can start it directly from your home

22. Jams, Pickles, and Sauces

  • As individuals turn out to be progressively cognizant about their wellbeing, food, and fitness, the interest for more healthy and organic jams, sauces, pickles, and ketchup is on the ascent
  • In addition, shoppers these days are careful about expending foodstuff that contains synthetic concoctions of any kind. In such a situation, you can produce jams, sauces, pickles, and ketchup with conventional formulas without using unhealthy chemicals

23. Stamps and Coins

Stamps and Coins

  • This is one of the popular businesses across the globe. Stamp and Coins piece lovers search for the most recent issues from around the globe and just with a couple of straightforward advances, you will be able to enter into this low investment business.
  • You just need to enroll yourself with postal divisions of different nations by paying them a little amount for purchasing the most recent stamps. For buying coins, you need to deal with the unique government run authorities abroad.

24. Cakes and Bakes (one of the best business ideas)

  • If you are outfitted with a decent oven, you have great opportunity to open a low investment business making cakes, biscuits, cookies, muffins, and other bread shop things
  • This private venture has immense potential since shoppers are continually searching for new, better tastes at efficient rates. You will anyway require incredible skills of preparing baked items

25. Waste/Trash Management

  • Where this may appear to be excessively unglamorous for some, it is unquestionably a need of great importance. Most urban areas are tormented with terrible junk administration
  • Segregation at the base level is vital to result driven waste administration and it likewise gives a decent profit as well. Individuals intrigued by such an endeavor can even team up with neighborhood specialists to expand benefit and reduce exertion

26. Cyber Security and IT security

  • With the expanded utilization of the Internet, related wrongdoing has grown up definitely. Association and forensic office dependably search for good digital and IT security master
  • On the off chance that you are great at IT security administrations, you can transform this aptitude into a decent business idea with low investment

27 Disaster Management

  • Giving Disaster management a thought as a business idea will again ask for a little investment from you
  • A cataclysmic event like earth quack, flood, storm, etc. now and again makes life hopeless. Terror attacks are also a serious issue
  • Overseeing hazard related with such disaster is the need of the hour. With a disaster management business, you can help people and property in all such situations

28. Detective Service

  • Nowadays an ever increasing number of individuals are embracing the western way of living, this brings forth a necessity of a detective or spy
  • Numerous people and organizations take administration of detectives these days. In the event that you are great at investigating things, you can easily begin this business with low investment

29. Organic Food Service

  • Giving natural nourishment benefit is new yet imaginative business ideas. An ever-increasing number of individuals have moved toward becoming health conscious today
  • Organic foods are the greatest thing in smart dieting of today’s time, despite the fact that they come at a premium. Numerous rich individuals are prepared to buy organic foods at any cost
  • You can easily start this business by growing organic foods on your own if you have space or you can directly connect with farmers and landowners and ask them to be your partner

30. Health Club

  • Numerous individuals have confidence in health is the most important thing in life, as they take great consideration of wellbeing
  • For their everyday exercise, they want to go to a health If you have space, you can easily start health club business with low investment

31. Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services

  • Financial planning is one of the best businesses with low investment, and for this, you just need to have financial knowledge and expertize
  • You have to give the best and product suggestions to the client about the venture and budgetary management. It is fitting to become a certified financial planner that will help you become a financial planner

32. Beauty Treatment and Spa

  • In the event that you need to explore new territory, you can consider starting beauty treatment and spa business
  • Individuals in the cities and even in sub-urban places dependably search for good beauty treatment or spa administrations, and if you have the knack of beauty treatments, you can start it
  • You can also hire some experts if you have the little more money to invest

33. Tuition Class

  • Beginning at Tuition Class is outstanding amongst another local business idea with low investment
  • In the event that you have great teaching aptitude and you can begin this business just with minimal or next to no investment
  • You simply require a couple of wooden seats and board for beginning this business with utmost ease

34. Tiffin Services

  • Beginning a Tiffin business is an extremely reasonable local business that can be run from home as well
  • Everybody requires good and homemade foods, and in the event that you are great at cooking great foods at sensible value, you can begin this business
  • You have to do an appropriate statistical survey of your locality before beginning this business with low investment

35. Yoga Class

Yoga Class - Business ideas

  • Beginning a yoga class is one of the productive and local business alternatives for you
  • Indian people are becoming more and more conscious for their health and Yoga, being the oldest Indian way of maintaining the wellbeing, Yoga is their prime resort
  • On the off chance that you are ensured yoga instructor or master in yoga, you can easily begin your own Yoga Class

36. Party Planner & Organizer

  • The party organizer is next in the rundown of low maintenance and investment business thoughts for you
  • In the metro city, giving a gathering or party is a culture. On the off chance that you want to begin a business in the metro city, giving party management to a gathering is a decent business thought
  • This business requests great administration and arranging abilities, and if you have that, you can opt for this

37. Candle Making

  • This one is again a low venture business thought
  • This business can be begun from home too. You just require crude material for example mold or material for making wax
  • You can consider purchasing readymade candle making a machine for mass production of candles
  • In the same way, soap and idol making or other options as well for you

38. Blogging

  • Blogging is among outstanding amongst other online business thoughts that need next to no investment
  • Around here, you have to demonstrate your mastery in a particular niche by writing good articles or blogs on related portals
  • Google AdSense can help you make money from your blog as well. Creating a blogging portal is also quite easy

39. Vlogging/ YouTube Channel

  • Vlogging deals with making a video on different themes and sharing that on the web. Making video recordings and distributing are known as Vlogging and stage utilized for sharing is known as a video blog.
  • You can begin transferring recordings to YouTube and embed in your video blog.
  • Youtube offers a great deal of profit on promotion for YouTube channel partners. Around here, you have to shoot/make novel videos and share it to YouTube channel.
  • One of the most amazing business ideas which requires no investment.

You can read this complete guide to make money on YouTube.

40. Hosting Paid Webinars

  • Another online business for you is hosting paid webinars and it deals with facilitating paid online class on the web
  • In the event that you are an exceedingly talented individual with domain area learning, you can have a paid online course
  • The online class or webinar is a web-based seminar or video facilitated on the web
  • With the end goal to have an online class on the web, you ought to be a proprietor of the site which is outstanding, with great ranking in SERPs

41. SEO Expert

Business ideas - SEO Expert 

  • If you have the SEO skills, you can easily offer SEO services on the web (eg: Backlinko, Neil patel)
  • SEO Expert helps in boosting the ranking of different sites and if you have those skills, easily you can find the best SEO jobs online

42. Freelance Writer

  • Being a freelance writer is one of the best creative small business ideas
  • If you know how to write great posts, you can easily get the best jobs to write articles and blog, for which you will be paid as well
  • Different freelance places like UpWork, Peopleperhour, LinkedIn, Facebook Groups can help you get the best freelance writing jobs
  • You can easily do it from your home as well, so no investment needed

If you don’t have writing skills then you can read this post and become a freelance writer.

43. Affiliate Marketing

  • This one is one of the best online business that you can easily do from your home. In affiliate marketing, you advance others item on your site and help them to expand the sales
  • On each deal get converted, you will get a commission. Numerous sites give affiliate advertising program and you can get associated with those, promote their products, and get the commission
  • You just need blogging and affiliate skills, and you can run it from your home quite easily as well

44. Stock Market Trading

  • A standout amongst the most beneficial business is stock marketing trading that you can run with low investment
  • You can begin this business from the moderate capital. Be that as it may, this business requests a considerable measure of learning and aptitude of the trade market
  • You must be to a great degree great in trades, the stock market, securities to make a profit

45. Data Entry

data entry

  • For this, you have to connect yourself in completing an occupation of entering data or filling different forms according to the necessity
  • To do this job, typing speed and productivity is essential and if you have that, you can start data entry business with low investment
  • You can easily discover different sites that offer data entry jobs and you can select an authentic site for data entry occupations

46. CCTV and Surveillance

  • Progressively, individuals are getting to be security conscious and they need to ensure their families and themselves against robbery, assault and other wrongdoing
  • Subsequently, an ever-increasing number of individuals are introducing CCTV and surveillance cameras at their homes and workplaces. This one for sure a low venture business that offers good returns as well

47. Utilized Laptops

  • Considered as an extravagance a few years back, laptops are pervasive at this point. Individuals offer their used laptops for buying new models while at the same time there are people who want to purchase laptops
  • There exists an immense market for used laptops and you can offer this service by having a team of expert that can refurbish laptops
  • If you are already an expert in hardware and software of laptops, you can run this business from your home by promoting your service in your locality

48. Manpower supply

  • All kinds of businesses require labor force nearly on a regular This is particularly valid with hotels, restaurants, cleaning, banquet halls related services where staffs leaving jobs without any prior notice is somewhat high
  • Waiters and cooks leave at short notice or simply desert work that puts the owners to extraordinary bother. With some inventiveness and low investment, you can enable businesses to defeat their labor issues and procure an attractive salary day by day
  • So, if you are related to places from where people come to search jobs in big cities, you can easily ask them to stay connected with you, so you can recommend them to businesses and in return, get the commission from that business

49. Computerized Horoscopes

  • Naturally, this is a standout amongst the most widely recognized low venture business in India. All it requires is a PC with the required programming, a printer and an appealing paper to print the horoscope
  • You can spend a little bit of money and ask a developer to create horoscope website for you. You can easily update that website and if you are good in horoscope predictions, this can be a highly fruitful business
  • Also you can create mobile apps of your site that will let your business reach into the palms and pockets of people who are looking to know their horoscope predictions daily

50. Air Conditioner Maintenance

  • These days, ACs are the basic segment of a few family units and generally workplaces. Consequently, there is a consistently expanding interest for private companies who can offer astounding support of these costly ACs
  • Patterns these days demonstrate that people sign yearly contracts for support of their Air Conditioners. For this, you require to have some essential hardware required for AC repairing and adept mechanics who can repair all kinds of ACs
  • You can also easily learn and master how to repair Air Conditioners with great ease

Wrapping Up

So, these 50 business ideas will for sure help you make prudent and equally practical business choices that will ultimately help you earn money.

Did we miss any business idea that you consider best fit to include in this post? Share your ideas with us in the comments below and let us make this post one of the most comprehensive ones about the low investment business ideas for Indian entrepreneurs.

In case of any query about the business tips shared in this post, feel free to write to us.

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