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15 Ways to Earn Money Online From Home Without Investment [2022 Updated]


Today I’m going to show you VERY effective ways of how to earn money online from home without any investment for 2020.

In fact:

These are the exact ways I used to grow my earning online from 0 to more than 5000$(INR 3.5 lakhs) per month.

And I’m going to show you by which ways I do it…

…and how you can do the same thing.

So Let’s dive right in.

15 Ways to Earn Money Online From Home Without Investment:

earn money online from home

1. Participate in online surveys


Are you good at sharing your opinion on different products and services offered by business?

If yes, participating in the surveys is the right option for you to earn money online from home. This is, in fact, one of the easiest ways to earn money online without any investment. Many market research companies are looking for survey opinion on their products or service to improve their performance and extend their market reach. These businesses fetch customer opinion through surveys conducted online. As these surveys play a key role in business decision making, they want some genuine opinion shares for the services offered by them.

Why not be one among the opinion providers for research companies? As these surveys are an important source of information, they are paid well. You can be the part of their opinion survey and can be assured of getting some good income. Let me tell you these surveys are paid based on the complexity. I as starter limited myself to 2-3 surveys a day and increased later on. I don’t say that the field is free from scam so; you should be very careful in choosing the companies.

What should you do?

I just invested my efforts in looking for the ones that can offer you decent remuneration; you can earn anywhere from $5 – $10 for each survey depending on the complexity of the survey. Most of these surveys are in the form of multiple choice questions so; you don’t need to write anything so, I never felt it as a complex task.

2. Blogging


I have been making money with blogging from the last 4 years. I had made my first 100$ in 2015. Then there was no looking back. Today I am earning (Rs 3.5 Lacs+) per month from blogging.

If you believe that you are a good writer that can write some engaging and informative content online, blogging could be a source for you to generate a good amount of money. There are many niches online that are needing some informative and engaging content to help the customer take an informed purchase decision.

Blogging is not a writing job; you should take care to keep the content informative and engaging. You as a blogger should not only aim at grabbing the attention of the reader but also get noticed by the search engine to increase rankings. The niche you are focusing on the blog should be targeted with search engine optimized keywords to get higher rankings. And in this way you can earn money money from your home without investing anything. 

What should you do?

How to earn money in India without investment? Still, it is a big question for many people. But you can start the blog any niche that you love but consider picking the ones that are popular in the market if you’re intended to earn some money through blogging while you adhere to your passion. As it gets popular in the market, your blog will earn you money via advertising like Google Adwords, affiliate marketing & so on.

You can read complete guide on WAYS TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR BLOG.

3. Captcha Solver

This is just another alternative method to earn money online. There are hundreds of sites online that offer the jobs of captcha solver. However, you should make sure that you get associated with the sites that offer genuine payments.

To become captcha solver, I am sure that you need a basic knowledge of the internet. What is this captcha? It is just a human verification test that asks you to renter displayed characters in the given box to ensure no automated software can enter their site I could earn little money up to 2 dollars for 1000 captcha solved.

Though the money earned through this method is little, it gives confidence about earning some money online from home during the initial days of your search for online jobs.

What should you do?

Search for the reputed sites online that offer the jobs of captcha solver and register with them to get some work. Get a laptop with an internet connection, and you will be on boat to earn money online from without any investment.

Though the money earned through means is not worth time invested. You will gain confidence in the ability to earn money online, and this job does not need any knowledge to complete the task.

4. Online jobs


With the virtual technology reaching every corner of the world, Many companies are offering online jobs allowing their employees to provide remote assistance. Based on the skills, you have you can search for various jobs online. I have a passion for writing so, my search for online jobs began with content writing.

If you are skilled at web development so could be your search for online jobs. If you don’t enjoy working on strict timings every day, you can choose to become a freelancer too. Many companies are providing virtual assistant jobs in different domains giving the employees the desired comfort of the home allowing you to fulfill your passion for working in the desired domain irrespective your household responsibilities. This will help you a lot to earn money online from home.

What should you do?

There are many trusted sources like Fivver, Upwork that can provide you with online job opportunities in any domain. Not only you will find many job opportunities to work online, but you can also be assured about receiving the payment from the clients too. You can even search for the virtual assistant jobs in normal job portals like Naukri and monster and fulfill your dreams.

5. Online tutoring

Translation Services - Business ideas

Today’s busy schedules are not letting parents spend some quality time with the children to educate them. There is an increasing gap between the children learning needs and parent’s teaching capabilities.

If you are a subject expert who can assist student learning needs, this online tutor job is for you and it is a best way to earn money online from home without any investment. What is your job as an online tutor? As the name goes, you will be providing virtual assistance to the students in handling their doubts about the subject during their learning process.

I as an online tutor in digital marketing charged my services on an hourly basis and could earn a pretty decent income in a month.

What should you do?

Many websites allow you to register with them and list your expertise arena. After you have completed the necessary training at the portal, you can conduct some online sessions through this to earn some money.

You can earn anywhere from 250$-500$ depending on your level of expertise and subject you have chosen. Alternatively, you can also apply for jobs at online tutoring portals like Unacademy, BYJU ’s, Khan Academy, etc.

6. Freelance writer

data entry

With growing demand of Freelance writer, It is one effective way to earn money online by writing different types of content. I could generate a good source of income as a freelance writer.  You can write  for blogs, work for companies, individuals to get good income from your writing job.

There are many small and big companies online providing work for  freelance writers on temporary basis. You will be paid somewhere between $5-$20 dollars for each write up  depending on the quality and you can earn somewhere around $500 to$2000 depending on the quantity of work you can handle in a month.

If you don’t have writing skills then you can read this post and become a freelance writer.

What should you do?

There are many sites like iWriter, Upwork ,freelance writing, expresswriters to offer you good writing jobs. Freelance  writer can be a good career option  if you have ability  to  write good content. And you can make your own blog to earn money online from your home. 

What should you do?

You will be paid somewhere between $5-$20 dollars depending on the quality of your write up. There are many sites like iWriter, freelance writing, expresswriters to offer you good writing jobs.

7. Part-time jobs online

Few people love to add some extra income to the pocket while they continue work on their full time jobs. They would love to encash their free time.

Micro working online could be your option if you are looking for such opportunities. When you choose to work for part-time to earn some money, you need to have multitasking capabilities. The easiest among them is ad clicking job; you have to click the ads that appear with the duration of 10 to 30 seconds to get some money.

You may also pick some commenting job if you know some basic English. I came across small research jobs that need to research to fetch the required data. The part-time job also needs to you to visit some websites stated there. In this way you can earn money online from home.

What should you do?

You can register on the websites like microworker, SEOclerk, Gigwalk to find such work and generate an income of $200-$300 monthly.

8. Youtuber


You must have seen ads been played when you watch a YouTube video, Those ads are the source of income for the YouTube video owner and YouTube.

YouTube is the second most media where people spend their time after social media channels like Facebook, and this has turned out into a most trending way to generate good income online. You can start your earning by creating a YouTube channel and become a partner of YouTube to earn money online through YouTube. Earning money through YouTube is not a tough play. Trust me, you can earn money online from home without investment except your time.

You have to create a channel choosing particular niche like how to videos, health tips, prank videos and much more. Irrespective of the niche you choose to create a YouTube channel, you aim to get more views and subscribers to the channel. You can even specify targeting keywords in the channel to get it displayed in the search results and gain the attention of the viewers.

You can read this ultimate guide to make money on YouTube.

What should you do?

Engaging content will always gain the attention of the viewers and increase the number of subscribers. As the number increases, you can apply for the YouTube partner program. After you get the approval, viewers will see ads on the channel along with the video, and you can generate income form each view that gets on your video.

9. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing turns to be the easiest way to earn money online from home. Earning money through this method will neither require you to have products services or some marketing material to sell online.

All you have to do is promote other’s products or services through affiliate website or link provided by online sellers, and you can earn commission for every single sale that happens through the link. Your job is to promote the link via your social media channels, search engines or even own website (if you have one).

Your aim with all these methods is to build your email list so that you can follow up with them to generate more sales. Most of the websites today look at affiliate marketing as a source of generating additional income for their business to what they are already doing online.

What should you do?

Pick the profitable market and promote their products and services as an affiliate and generate income on each sale happens through the link.

10. Paid to click (PTC) sites

People sometimes lack knowledge on technology and time but willing to make some money online. If you are one among them paid to click sites are you. I don’t assure you high earnings through this medium; you can get good remuneration balancing the time and effort invested.

Some sites pay viewers for clicking and viewing their advertisement. Though it is hard for many people to believe it happens, there are pay to click sites that offer money for viewing advertisements. What is your job when you sign up with pay to click sites? PTC sites act as a middle man between the advertisers and viewers.

When the advertisers display ads on the site, a part of the payment from the advertiser will be transferred for your viewership.

What should you do?

Search for the sites that pay for the reading advertising through their links and register with them. Few sites that pay for viewing advertisement without the need of any investment include ClixSense, NeoBux, and RebelPrize.


11. Become a virtual assistant

Few people love to earn money online by exposing their talents like web development, journalism, publishing, app development but not like to communicate to the office every day. In such cases, you can become a virtual assistant and work for someone from the comfort of home.

You can complete any job from the remote location without the need for being physically present at the office. Sites are offering numerous virtual assistant posts in different domains. You may be confused virtual assistant with a freelancer.

A virtual assistant will be a full-time employee of the organization working from the comfort of home whereas freelancer will be working as per project and paid accordingly.

What should you do?

Many sites offer virtual assistant jobs for the people in various domains. Register in the sites like hiremymom, mytasker, 123employee and many more. You as a virtual assistant will enjoy the benefits of the full-time employee while working from the comfort of home.

12. Stock & Forex Trading

how to invest in share market

Trading is one of the lucrative options to make money online if you have strong knowledge of trading tactics and share market movements. However, this is an option only for the people who can invest a good deal of money to earn more money from home.

If you are not interested in spending your money, you can work as an online stock broker advising the people about which stocks and currencies to trade to generate good profits. The stockbroker should be your option to make money when you have sound knowledge on the trading strategies.

Otherwise, you will lose your reputation in the market and will never be able to make good money from your services.

What should you do?

Before you even initiate your earnings through trading, you have to attend online training classes that help you understand the scenarios and make better analysis to support your investment decisions. You should update your knowledge on trade market continuously by reading newspapers, dedicated TV channels like CNBC and many other sources.

You can read complete guide on:  HOW TO INVEST IN FUTURES AND OPTIONS IN INDIA


13. Double income through website flipping

If you are a website developer, this could be a good source of income for you. It is an excellent way to double profits easily with the development skills.

You can create a website and work on it for six months till it generates income. Older sites tend to generate more rankings on the search engines when compared to new.

These websites have high demand when they are put for sale. This strategy can be effectively used to generate more income.

What should you do?

After you create the website and work on it for 2-3 months, you can put these sites on auction on sites like flippa, empire flippers. The website that is placed for sale will give you earnings that more than 15 to 20 times more what you are earning through the website.

14. Earn money through a smartphone

Have you ever given a thought that your smartphone can turn into a good source of earn money online from home for you? Never right!

There are some apps on a smartphone that can help you generate a good deal of income after you install it. The app can be a source of generating extra income of $200-$300 a month.  You may have to click through Ads, participate in some surveys, do some signups on different websites to earn money through this app.

If you have good photography skills, your smartphone could turn into a good source of income here too. Click for images of nature, food animals and anything that is eye feast with the smartphone and list on the sites like shutterstock, istock photo, photobucket. When the visitor wants to purchase the photo, you will get the money that you have fixed for a picture.

What should you do?

After you install the app on a smartphone, you may have to complete some simple surveys, complete few signups on different websites as asked, watch few videos, play games to earn some money through your smartphones.


15. Online selling

Business ideas - SEO Expert 

Online selling is a good source of income for the business who want to capture large market through digital presence. There are two ways to earn income through online selling.

You can choose to develop your website and promote it to sell your products and services across the digital market. This method needs to invest a lot of efforts like website development and promotion to generate good income.

The second method of online sales doesn’t require you to have own products and services; you can partner with existing ecommerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon. The second option seems to be more comfortable when compared to the earlier option because you will already have existing customers in the digital market place and you have to do is list your product to conduct some sales.

What should you do?

When you choose the second method to make some online sales, you need not own any products; you have to make an effort of procuring the most demanded products from the wholesale market at discounted prices and list them here according to website guidelines to make some profits through online selling.

The option is easier than said to generate some decent income. The earlier option though needs more efforts to conduct online sales; it will help in building your brand in the digital market along with the decent sales.

The later one should be your option when your only intention to generate some good income through online sales and are least worried about your brand presence in the market.

That’s it! This is all about of 15 Best ways of how to earn money from home without any investment? Hope you like this article and the information will help you to earn money online in a best way. 


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