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13 Ways to Make Money Online in India (Without any Investment)


make money online in india

Do you know there are so many possible ways that can empower you to earn good money online?

Yes, it is true. –And for this, you will also be not required to make any investments.This generation has proved it wrong that “ to get something you have to lose something” because now we are making money without losing any penny from our pocket.

Yes, it is true. –And for this, you will also be not required to make any investments.

The Internet has transformed the ways businesses function. There are so many tasks that remote employees and freelancers do to make money online. In addition, Affiliate Marketing, blogging, YouTube videos, etc. are some ways that will help you make really good money on the web.

Have you seen the videos and vines on YouTube don’t you feel that they would have even started it all from scrap and have reached such heights in life by having lakhs of followers and are making money by it. The best thing about it is that you must follow your passion and that can get you money. Similarly it is for blogging as in blogging you are not bounded to certain context and language because you can have your own niche and can choose any language to pursue further. Earning money online makes you your own boss, because here you have nobody registering your exact 9 a.m to 5 p.m schedule for the day and moreover you earn the best out from it.

Making money online is pretty easy but only if you have a passion and dedication for certain thing. You have to attract people to your content, and you have to make them feel the curiosity to stay and know more about your content. You have to develop a crowd who eagerly waits for your content ( be it a video or something else) because then your demand will increase and as soon as people will start demanding your content your market value will increase.

Yes I won’t say that online business can make you a millionaire within a night but if you will keep some patience and will keep working hard then soon things will get into your favour and within no less time your business will start flourishing well in the market. This online business has increased a lot of scope for all kind of people who doesn’t like working under people and especially people who can’t cope up to others due to their health issues. Online business has a big scope for all sort of people with lots of success waiting for them.

Let us go through some of the best ways to earn money online with lots of comfort and enjoyment-

Let us go through some of the best ways to earn money online-

1. Turn into a Freelancer

Turn into a Freelancer

In the event that you are a decent software engineer, graphic designer, animation expert, advertiser, digital marketer, writer, etc. then you can discover a ton of paid occupations online. You simply should be patient and willing to take in more. You need two aptitudes to wind up a decent freelance job. One is your expertize and the second is marketing. In the event that you do not have the marketing skill, at that point look for assistance from an accomplished marketer to make your profile.

Good communication skills would also be a plus. We all want something more , wishes and dreams have no end so to get that little more or the little spark you have one sorted way and that is to be a freelancer. Being a freelancer all you have to do is to increase your belt of doing work and then just watch out the game of destiny because then making money won’t be tough for you. Everything works with a plan so it is really very important for you to plan out your day and your schedule because then only you can do freelancing.

It is not important that, to do freelancing you have to give your whole day and you can’t be involved in any other profession because you can do it even after having a proper job. There are people who are working into a profession with no passion just because of few responsibilities , such people get the chance to explore their passion without harming their actual profession. Freelancing is a nice opportunity for the beginners who are confused to choose the profession. Freelancing is I believe one of the moderate way to fetch a nice amount of money from the market by following something of your choice.

2. Start doing some Manual Jobs Online

The web is loaded with such jobs. On the off chance that you don’t have sufficient work as a freelancer and you need to make money on the web, you should start doing some manuals tasks online for little charges as low as $5. Help individuals with little administrations at Amazon mTurk and Fiverr.

This will happily surprise you to perceive how you can easily make money in your spare time.

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3. Complete Surveys to Make money Online

Surveys to Make money Online

Do you love interacting with people around or do you like knowing views about other people then this is the right job for you because here you have to interact with new people and you have to ask them to share their experience, you can ask for reviews and what are the pros and cons of it. So this is really an interactive task because here you get to meet people of different zone, religion and mentality. There will be people who are annoying and may give you negative response so in that case you have to be patient.

So for this job there are two most important things required, first is your communication skill and second is patience level. Be it in English or in Hindi you need to have full command over atleast one such language because then only you can frame your questions for the survey in the right way. You can easily find some multinational companies who hire some survey providers who can assist them in doing research to know what exactly their customers want.  The survey providers allow you to sign up on their portal and complete your profile. The site will ask you to write a survey for companies that match your expertize and accordingly you will be paid.

Some of the sites that help in this are PrizeRebel, Banking Consumer Surveys, and Paid Polls and Surveys. Some other PTC & GPT sites such as ClixSense, Swagbucks, and NeoBux also offer such survey benefits. You would never run out of job in this department , because we all know about the growing need and development in social marketing. There are plenty of brands and sites which are getting launched and they all need this department who can get them market reviews so that they can do better than there competing companies. This business holds a very special position in the market because it helps companies to understand their competition and helps in improving and building up better strategies.


4. Try to be an Online Consultant

Freelancing - Make Money Online

You can offer your expertise in empowering others. You do not need to be a super master in one area to become an online specialist or instructor; you simply must be a little more knowledge-full to your customer or student.

For example, if you know Online Marketing, you can be greatly helpful for new businesses. You can make a profile on Portals like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, or can use Social Sites like LinkedIn to promote yourself as a consultant in a particular domain. You can promote yourself as a tax or stock market expert and guide people online.

Do you want to empower people and earn money also then now you have the opportunity to do that as there are many sites who will bring you close to the customer. At times we have sufficient knowledge to help others but we don’t get the right platform for it so in such cases now you have plenty of sites working as an intermediate between you and your customers. The second one is to socially connect and make videos that can be really helpful to others.

There are many people playing with money with lots of subscriber to their videos , you are not only making money but you are even providing free knowledge to the people who can’t invest to get it. Moreover you connect to different types of people and meet different problems and while solving those unique problems you also gain a lot of knowledge.  This is a very creative and best way to gain and impart knowledge to others, and with all this the best part you are paid a good amount to help others.

 5. Paid To Click (PTC) (earn money online without investment by clicking ads)

This is again a very good way to make money online without any investment. You need to register on any such sites and continue watching the site for a particular period. You will see different ads out there. Just click on one Ad and a small amount of money will be credited to your account.

One such site is Neobux that will help you make good money online. Just a click and you get money in your wallet , isn’t it really shocking that one comfortable click will get you money. This is one of the most easiest way you can earn out because in this sites are paying you out because you provide them clicks.

There are companies giving lots of appealing advertisement so that people can click it , those advertisement are so damn appealing that it will somewhere force you to click there. Sites with best number of clicks get the best promotion in the market.

6. Gain Online Money from YouTube

Money from YouTube

You probably won’t realize that individuals are making millions from Youtube. However, not very easy, but rather especially possible for any individual who can record and share videos on any specific subject. Two sorts of individuals can make effective YouTube channels, one who makes interesting and engaging videos and second who can make very informative and useful videos for a specialty group of onlookers (like students, programmers, marketers, share market newbie, moms, homemakers, tech nerds, etc).

Provide comprehensive tips on your subject and make money via Youtube. Youtube is love for people of all age group because you get everything available at one go literally Youtube has become one stop solution for everything because You Tube has everything from recipe of rice to the NASA’s latest development.

YouTube is a trend in itself because you tube literally has everything to fulfill your search , It helps in not only fetching out the information but it also helps us in understanding it from the ground because here we can see what exactly that thing can be done. So learning becomes easy because you actually watch it happening.

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7. Get Paid to complete Tasks (GPT):


The GPT sites can also help you make money online. They ask you to complete some tasks and accordingly, you will be paid. Some of the tasks that you will be asked to do are Shopping, Answering polls and surveys, Searching, Participating in the contests, Installing an app, playing games and so on. One such GPT site is Swagbucks.

This is a task which requires agility because here you have multiple task allocated and you have to complete them under a certain span. Or there are many games where you are asked to complete certain levels in the game and then you will get some amount in your wallet. There are few application which will fetch you money when you download them. So this is again one of the easy and least time consuming way to earn lots and lots of money.  


8. Start buying and selling Domains

If you have a site that has great traffic related to a particular niche and enjoys good authority, you can connect with some business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for a site that you have. You can give your site on rent to the business owners and make some money.

The business owner will use your site to make his audience base and pay you some monthly rent. Another option is; you can sell your domain if it has good domain authority and comprises a good and appealing name as well. You can sell your domain on portals like This activity is also called Flipping and you can sell Domains, Mobile Apps, Websites, along with some other physical assets like Mobile, Player, Guitar, Game Console and so on.

Making your own domain and selling it in market at the appropriate or high rate is a hand to hand business for people. All you have to do is to make an innovative and creative domain which seems pleasing to the user because if it is not user appealing then nobody is going to buy that. If you are a nice developer and does android development frequently then you can develop some new application which is different in the market or you can even develop different games and then you can sell them to others and if it flourishes well then company will pay you a nice amount for it . Technology lover people have a high scope in this sector because they know how to play with technologies to make it creative and innovative.

9. Make money from online Writing Work

Become a Successful Writer

If you have a great interest in writing and having the passion to play with words to make them engaging, impressive and convincing to target audiences, you can make good money online. Lots of businesses online are looking for some great writers who can optimize their online presence and set brand tones with amazing write-ups. Ghostwriting is one of the very popular tasks that you can choose. If you have expertized in a particular technical field, you can be the technical writer.

In case your market is good and you have a good hold over the language, you can be an SEO writer. Web Content Writer and Copywriter are some of the jobs for expert writers who have an amazing hold over the language. E-Book creation, academic writing, research paper writing are some of the tasks for you. Writing is one of my favourite work to do and I believe if you have an approach to any language and a bit of knowledge then this is one of the most appropriate business in this era.

Here you need to have high control over the language (especially on vocabulary) and of course you need to have time to do it . It’s not only the work in English which is flourishing in the market, almost all the valid written work in all the languages is doing pretty good in the market. If you like to write about fashion, animals , academics or anything else, then this is the write choice for you to make money in the market.


10. Begin Your Blog to Earn Money Online


You can profit from your written work in two different ways. Compose for somebody and make profit promptly. Compose for yourself and make profit gradually and reliably. Having a blog means you have your own business and you are not a freelancer anymore.

You can use your own blog as your online business. Making money from this will take some time, as you need to have an audience base that prefers consuming your posts. By doing so, you can make money online when you are asleep.

Using Google AdSense will enable you to make more money from your blog. There are bloggers who are making more than 1 Lakh per month and you can also do this adeptly. Blogging is for those who have the power in their write ups to rule the market and audience around. Your blog should be the most appealing thing for the customer then only people will love reading will and this is a constant process so in this maintaining the quantity and quality both are equally important , otherwise survival will become very difficult in the market.

11. Profit with Affiliate Marketing

Profit with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is like running a retail shop for any wholesaler. You need to enroll on Amazon and Flipkart and advance your most loved items on your site and social media portal to make a profit. In this way, you will be promoting products available on Amazon and Flipkart sorts of stores and letting them get purchased from your site.

It can fit with any sort of online business, in a few situations, individuals don’t have a site yet they make a profit through Affiliate skills. You can curate a list of your most loved books and link it to Amazon, so people who like those kinds of books can land on Amazon product page and buy those books.

This will help you get some commission quite easily in the event that somebody goes to Amazon site by clicking your site link. You can begin advancing affiliate links in different online forums, Facebook groups, and reviews on LinkedIn, Medium and Quora.

12. Begin a Product Startup

You can create a site about a product that does not need any investment. For example, you have knowledge about Income Tax, Credit Cards or Stock Marketing functioning. Then start creating E-Books on these topics and start selling them on your site. You can also connect with other similar types of services and start promoting them from your site.

Letting your content be your product and using that for ensuring conversions for some other service and product suppliers is a good way to make money online free. You can offer knowledge about different credit cards or Mutual funds and then give personalized information to your reader, ask them to subscribe to your paid plan. This will help you make really good money.

13. Start your own Digital Store using Shopify, Market Places or Woo-Commerce

online wallets in india

Imagine you already have an offline store then you must be already having some products or service. You can easily create a site and start offering that to your target audiences online. You can find some online guides or videos that will enable you to to create your own store free. Using online marketing and Social media power will let you increase your audience base and soon you will be optimizing your returns just by making negligible investments.

14. Online Tutoring:

We all know that how our education system is draining because of lack of good teachers.

I believe there are enough people with good amount of knowledge but they are not free enough to go to some school or college to impart the knowledge so in such cases this concept of online tutoring is way too helpful because people with knowledge in certain field can make videos of their lectures where they will explain the topics and will guide how to solve the questions. There you can teach shortcuts and the right approach to the students to attempt questions and you can guide with the books they can refer for certain topics.

This is one of the most appropriate way for people who want to impart knowledge but are occupied with the work. Moreover it is a process you are not only imparting knowledge but you are also getting money from it because as many subscribers and as many views you have, youtube will pay you for that. So this is one of the easy way to follow your passion while earning profit.  This is not only a nice approach for people who want to teach but it is even very time saving process for students.

Students who find some topic a bit difficult to be understood in the class with the crowd can individually listen to the lecture and can understand it well. At times reading books becomes a pain especially when you are in hurry because certainly we can find that books take 7 to 8 pages to explain a topic and reading all of them becomes a big pain but listening to 15 minutes lecture is pretty easy and effective as well.

You tube is one of the best place to give and take knowledge , it gives you the platform to not only impart knowledge but you can even solve the queries of the students. Students can comment their query in the comment section or they can write down the topic they understand and the teacher can help them out in their next video or can even reply to the comment.

15. Online HR :

We all know that HR have a huge role in a company because they bring the right profile from the market to the company. Companies are hiring people for human resource online only. Actually in this the HR is referred with the vaccancy and now they have to look for the profile which is suitable for that vacancy, once when they have found out the profile then they have to contact those people and then they have to arrange for the interview.

So basically they co-ordinate between the company and the candidates to schedule interviews and they help out through the selection process. This is a very profitable thing for the company and the HR as well because the company saves their infrastructure investment over the HR and the people working as HR can earn for themselves by working as a coordinator and just by sitting at home. Many of the companies are adopting it and are hiring for such profiles.

16. Making projects and assignments:

There are many students who are not able to complete their work and are not able to do the assignments given to them , in fact not only students  but there are many researchers and professors who want someone to write their research paper or wants someone to complete their projects.

So if you have this talent and time then it is wise enough to invest it at the right place all you need to do is to socially connect with different students and researchers and they will keep giving you work and when they you will complete their work on time then they will pay you . In the early stages you might be paid low but as soon as you develop the habit of providing the quality content then your value will be automatically increased in the market and you will be highly paid for it.

For this you don’t have to be available for 24 hours because you can dedicate few hours and you will be done with the work. This job can be done by any bright student as well or if you are good at art and craft then you can take those holiday homework projects ( like making charts, projects, scrapbook ) and can complete them. Using your creativity and getting money for it is like a blessing.

17. Online Editors for the content :

This is not one easy task because this requires a lot of knowledge in depth . You can become an editor for any of the language for this you need to have the right degree and right experience for it. In this you have to check out the work of others and have to rectify all the mistakes so that it can be published in some journal or on sites.

This is a very crucial task so you need to have core knowledge for it.  It is a dignified and knowledgeable job profile for an individual with awesome command over the language. This profession is one of the highly paid one because you are editing one of the researched works so editing it is not at all easy.    

Summing Up…

I hope aforestated ways to make money online will help you make good money online. Some of the tasks have zero difficulty level and you are only required to enroll and follow some basic steps. So, choose the one, two, or more than two that suit well with your interest and skill set.

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