8 Amazon Online Jobs For Students (EARN 100$ DAILY)


When it comes to making money online, I’ve tried it all.

I Started with adsense… Then social media marketing but I couldn’t get the earning I wanted.

Then I tried Amazon Online Jobs… and quickly realized that it was THE best way to earn money online.

(In fact, Amazon Affiliate helped one of my site to earn 200$/daily in record time)

And in this post I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Amazon Online Jobs for students without investment.

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Amazon Online Jobs For Students

1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

If you think my earning from amazon is lot of money then you are totally wrong there are websites who have make fortune on amazon affiliate you can read here.

Isn’t the idea of affiliation with Amazon itself sounds great? Imagine the kind of exposure you will gain and money you will make if you can nail this affiliate marketing program with Amazon. Hold on! Let me explain you about this famous Amazon Affiliate Marketing program in a bit detail.

Amazon Associates is one of the first set of affiliate marketing programs which was initiated in 1996. This program has a reputation of more than 12 years for helping website owners, sellers and vendors on Amazon make money by promoting huge amounts of used and new products from amazon.com and its auxiliaries like SmallParts.com and Endless.com.

So, if you own a website, write blogs, have got a youtube channel of your own or have established any kind of social media presence, the time has come to monetize that presence. All you have to do is to provide the links of products on your website or any of the above-mentioned platform and if any customer buys from that link then you get a commission varying from 1% to 10% of the sale price for the products that your readers buy during the session they start after coming from your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Register today itself on Amazon Affiliate Marketing program and be ready to manage huge cash inflows coming your way. Believe me, it’s very simple and does not require a complex process to get on board.

THEWIRECUTTER.COM IS A Great Examples Of Successful Amazon Affiliate Websites

2. Become Amazon Virtual assistant

Each one of us shopped something or the other from Amazon but have you ever realized how much coordination and management it takes to send you the products that you order online. And not just sending the products on time but keeping you updated with the location of the product till it reaches in your hands.

Every E-commerce business be it small or large requires loads of coordination between sellers, vendors, logistics team, customer care team, etc. Similar is the case with Amazon. With such vast network and millions of customers to serve throughout the world, Amazon outsources virtual assistants who can manage activities like coordination, managing mailboxes, tracking products in the supply chain, taking up customer complaint and resolving them and many other such jobs. So, if you think you have good managerial and coordination skills, then sign up for Amazon and it can serve you as a ticket to a thicker wallet.

3. Sell handicrafts and antique products

Do you adore making handcrafts or your family possess antique products that are rarely available anywhere else?

Then Amazon is the place where you can exhibit them and earn very high values by selling them. Amazon is a marketplace where your hobbies can make you earn and become an entrepreneur. A large number of handicraft makers and sellers have monetized their handicrafts on Amazon website. It has helped them to structure a thriving industry of handmade items, and set trends in global markets, thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of handicrafts.

One of the benefits that Amazon provides is that you will get access to customers worldwide andQuality artefacts are exceptionally esteemed in other nations. You may catalog the handicrafts and antique products with an exclusive theme like canvases, lamps, show-pieces and anything creative that you can think of. All you have to do is click great and detailed pictures of your handicrafts and just apply on amazon portal without paying any kind of registration fee and monetize your hobby of arts.

4. Amazon Kindle

Are you good at writing? Or are passionate about publishing your own books.

Amazon has a lot to offer to writers as well. In the world of books and literature, Amazon has made publishing very simple and have removed the various roadblocks that writers used to go through to get their works published. It has made this market perfectly competitive, enabling authors to take control and publish their work without going through tedious steps.

And, do not worry if you have never got your works published before or you are yet to gain that level of professionalism in writing. Anyone can use this platform to get their work published and reach out in hands of waiting audiences. You can write on something you’re passionate about. Be it Fiction, NonFiction, Biographies, History, Heritage, Comics, Self- help books and many more. Famous genre on Amazon includes Self Help, wellbeing and wellness, cooking, travel, lifestyle and the list goes on. I don’t think there is any better platform than the one that Amazon provides to reach out to such large segment readers. You can either sell your e-book on Amazon or publish Kindle E-Books. Just feel great to be born in the era of Amazon and buckle up to get your work published.

If you want to learn writing this post is for you HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL WRITER

5. Amazon mTurk

Are you good at solving problems? Want to take up a job that requires you to use your grey matter constantly? If yes, I have a job proposal for you.

Amazon runs a program called Amazon Mechanical Turk. It enables organizations to get human resources on demand to perform assignments that require human interventions. There are some specific problems that require human intelligence and its abilities and can’t be solved by Artificial Intelligence or computers.

Individuals working with Amazon MTurk are responsible for numerous tasks for companies associated with Amazon. These can include data entry to the identification of wrong or duplicate pictures and item information, uploading videos or any other special kind of promotional material on web-based networking media. Amazon MTurk members can additionally help in handling data, analytics, depicting Sales trends. “MTurk empowers developers to make applications that were previously impractical.

6. Review products on Amazon

Everyone has a perspective about everything surrounding us. Be it a tangible object or non-tangible object, we always to tend to pass some comments. Similar nature of work is what this job demands. All you have to do is write reviews about different products that Amazon sells and get paid in return. Amazon is a gigantic player in the online commercial center – as of now offering something like 400 million distinct products. With such a significant number of various products, Amazon has to offer items in pretty much every domain that makes it a highly popular choice of customers. These products vary from books, sports-wear, gadgets, apparels, and anything and everything that you can think of under the stars.

Amazon needs individuals to write reviews about this vast set of products on various platforms. I can guess that the majority of you are considering to get paid to write those small reviews on the Amazon site. Actually, you can get paid for those little blurbs as well. But there is a better way of doing it which is to write a review on your website and provide affiliate links along with on your website which will fetch your additional commission based on the product category and may vary from 1% to 10%. But ensure that you are promoting the products via affiliate links and not direct product link else you might end up losing your share of the commission.

7. Sell on Amazon

Have you ever thought of starting your own venture, but the fear of large capital investments has always held you back? It happened with me also until I got to know about seller options on Amazon. Now, you need not worry about it now because Amazon has created ample opportunities for small entrepreneurs worldwide. Amazon is a recognized and-genuine retail powerhouse, and outsider vendors are driving the majority of the growth of Amazon. Certainly, Amazon offers sellers an immense segment of potential customers. Amazon’s liberal scope of business management and the distribution network makes it simpler for sellers to scale far beyond what they could have alone.

On top of it, you don’t need to pitch material items to use Amazon’s fantastic marketplace: Amazon Home Services permits B2C service providers to interface with customers in their regions. Successful Amazon Sellers have included nationally-known big brand names on their website, merchants distributing a large number of products straight from their lounges, and everything in the between. Everything boils down to how you influence the marketplace, and Amazon’s various services, to meet your independent company’s requirements. So, just choose your category under which you want to catalog your products and you may start selling with smaller products itself like books, earphones, bags, apparels, etc and keep increasing your portfolio as the cash flows in.

8. Amazon Data Entry

Amazon not only displays the regular products that are easily available but has few exclusive product categories also called ‘Custom Products.’ These are exclusive items that are made to order for clients. These include valuable gems and jewelry, statues, sketches and paintings, customized mugs, T-shirts and other clothing products and many other different items that typically bear the name of the purchaser or somebody to whom it is sent as a present. Retailers who deal in such custom items require individuals who are capable of writing concise, precise and detailed descriptions of these products with attractive and extraordinary pictures.


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