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20 Ways Become Rich fast in India [2020 Updated]


Today you’re going to learn how to become rich in India.


Specifically, I’m going to show you 20 ways that are working GREAT in 2020 to become rich in India.

Let’s jump right into the ways…

20 Ways To Become Rich Fast In India:


how to become rich India

Are you still into a dilemma to earn money , then it’s high time to come out of it because there are thousands of paths to do so.

Blogging is one of the best way to earn money with utmost ease, it won’t keep you under the traffic of life because you can just sit back in your space and become rich with no money.

Today blogging has become a trend as there are so many people doing it around us . Now the biggest misconception about blogging is that people think they should have terrific English and should have knowledge about web designing, but it’s completely false as now we can easily earn money through blogging with zero English and zero web talent.

Nowadays English is no more a constraint in this field because you have to write what you feel and trust me feelings don’t have a control over language, so now you can express your feelings and your thoughts in your own language be it Hindi or be it your mother language and the best thing is that this will get you money and will probably make you rich.

The most important thing is the hosting and domain, for this I would suggest you to choose it wisely. Don’t just go for any random free blog spot  because then you may face many restrictions, so it’s better you choose an annual plan ( which suits you best ). Blogging is a way to get money without giving any sort of evidence of your degree, I guess this is the most dignified way to become rich in India with no money.


how to become rich India

There were three phases which I believe should be marked under the check list of reservation policy especially under the train reservation.

One of them was when we use to run towards the reservation counters at railway station early in the morning so as to buy the tickets because there was no other way out, then came the era of agents, where these agents made a hell lot of money because they started booking tickets online and to book that they started charging a lot of amount.

But now everyone has the smartness in their hand because our smart phones have made us smart enough to get our tickets booked, so I personally believe you have a small box of happiness which can fetch you lots of money. So isn’t it an easy way to earn money by booking up railway, bus and airlines ticket online with your small box of happiness. We even have plenty of applications related to train, bus and airlines booking which can get your tickets booked, with lots of ease.

There are lot of people who find it clumsy to go to the booking offices and to stand in their traffic to get their tickets booked ,so for them you come up being a blessing and therefore they don’t find it hard to pay you few bucks for it . Moreover the best thing about this business idea is that you don’t need to occupy a room or office for it, because you can do this business even by sitting at a corner of your room .

All you have to do is to book a confirm ticket and you have to pay for it through your debit , credit card or through net banking . There are a lot of people making out money through this business and the best thing is that this business has zero investment and immediate return. In this way, you can also become rich in India with no money or education.



Do you like  going for long walks, or do you like wandering in streets and enjoy eating the food and meeting people then I believe your this attitude can grab lots of money because there are many portals and entertainment services which offer the walking tours which is a great way to earn money along with lots of fun. And by this method you will become rich with no education only by your talent you will make your money fast.

This concept of gazing around is getting very famous in India as you can take foreign travelers on walk at different places (places which are a point of attraction).

Foreigners even love going on walks and in this way you can make them visit beautiful places and even this would help you in discovering new places. Not only this you can make them taste the street cuisine of India and you can even help them in shopping by doing a proper bargaining (like every India).

We all know how people at street shops increase their prices when a foreigner arrives, so in this scenario you can help the foreigners to get the better knowledge about prices and can help them in getting things at the right amount.



how to become rich India

Really it is very hard to believe that food truck business can become so famous and can be loved in a country like India , but believe it or not this is very true. Of course this business is nothing new in the market but still in a country like India, this business has started gaining its importance now only.

Although I won’t deny that this business doesn’t have any sort of investment because it does have a small investment from your end but trust me with when i say that you won’t regret investing your money because the return is amazing , the profit this food truck will get you is much more than a part of your investment.

Food trucks are a kind of moving restaurant, as you can park them at any of the famous places be it a beach, park or near a college, etc and you can earn through it.

There is one more difference between food truck and restaurants, as food trucks require a very few license compared to restaurants. It only requires a compliance to food safety and standards authority of India and it need few permits and licences from local authorities also. This business can be a boost to your economic growth. And in this unique way, you will become rich fast in India. 


Like seriously there has been amazing growth in this sector because it is so damn profitable to buy a car and rent it out as a taxi , like seriously isn’t it unbelievable that you are not even riding it and still you are making money out of your car ( of course now you won’t regret paying out car loans monthly ).

In all the well known cities there is a huge requirement of people who can afford to put their vehicle on lease to others as a taxi ( probably with driver also ). There are many brands also who offer you the chances to put your cars on rent with or without driver, not only this you can even put your cars on rent for the weekend and can make money out of it.

It means that you can use your car in weekday and can rent it in weekends (i.e your holiday).  This is another way to make money while enjoying your coffee in your cabinet .

And I think this will be a reliable as well as easy method to become rich fast in India. 


There is a lot of corporate houses and banks who want people who can fetch back their money from clients and also from corporate house. In this you have to also deliver the bank instruments on time to the companies and customers.

This thing can get you a great deal of benefit by being a collection agent for any of the organizations. Don’t confuse the collection agent with debt recovery agent because they are two different thing. Again this business is a zero investment and high profit deal.

Again it’s not easy because people are running out to recover money which customer never wanted to pay so take that money out is a tough deal but it is definitely not at all impossible if you know to use your arms properly. This is a tough and adventurous job one can do. 



There are many service provider who wants the physical verification of the customer, i.e; they want someone to physically verify the customer’s address or the associate’s address by visiting the given addresses .

Company which issue credit cards , sim cards etc. require this physical verification. Such companies prefer to outsource these works to individual or to any other small firm who can handle it well. In this all you have to do is to go to the address of employee or associate and then you have to verify with the neighbors that do they actual put up there or not.

This is a way too simple task to perform and to make money from it. There are many British council and embassy also doing the same task so you can excel yourself to reach up such heights.



We all know about the growing industrialization and the competitive nature in people is growing day by day . Because of this people keep shifting themselves from one place to another to get high wages and such people need accommodation for themselves .

You can be there savior by giving them the place to live in by making profit for yourself also . You can convert your apartment into a lodge or hostel and you can provide accommodation to people and can make money out of it.

Moreover the deposit taken from tenants are like a cherry over the cake because you can earn interest through the deposit you get from tenants . This is a tension free and stable source of income where you constantly keeps earning .



For a change people in India have now started considering brain as a body part which may get sick and which may require counseling, but now the rate at which people are visiting psychiatrist is growing and so psychiatrist’s are starting to rule high.

The graduates in psychology are providing the counseling sessions to everyone from all the category (students to elderly). In this graduates charge people for every session and the session is 30 to 60 minutes long . You can offer this services from home or from anywhere.

There is a huge demand of counselors for people of every age group. You can part time course of Psychology , and can even make it as your part time business. You can even do the counselling online for people suffering with issues.



Herbal products are love because they not only make you beautiful but it also give you a new life . It helps your skin to breath well.

Although there is very high competition in the market still the demand for traditional and pure beauty products is stable because everyone wants to have such natural products .

If you are worried about the storage of products then you need not be  because these products can’t be stored , you have to make them and then you have to sell them as soon as possible or you can make them on demand . If you have love for beauty products then this is one of the best way to get rich in India.

Everybody around is very worried about the skin tone , skin quality , skin texture and everything related to beauty and are continuously looking for products which can suit them the best, so be a part of that search and fetch out the results.


Housewives are a big asset especially in India because they have the talent to crave you for every vegetable . They have a magic in their hands which can leave you completely spellbound . Do you even have idea that this magic can even get you money ?

We all know that we Indians are big food lovers , we love to eat and , nowadays there are couples who are working and for them managing out their food carvings with job is bit difficult thing to manage out .

Not only couples but bachelors are also struggling to get food because cooking out meal after long working hours is a curse .

For such people tiffin service is a blessing . Such people subscribe to tiffin service where they get a fully packed food . If you provide delivery facility along food facility then trust me you are in a right run. This is a business which can be started from a corner of your kitchen. This is again a zero investment business with utmost profit and you will become rich with no money or education in a very different and unique way.



how to become rich India

We all know about the tropical climate of India and we even know the immense love we Indians have for pictures , but the problem is that many times this climate results into a severe loss of pictures.

So to restore memorable things we have made a combination of technology and artistic skill which can help us in getting back our memories. Arts crafts and family heirlooms also need to be face lifted( like, polishing or they need to be restored). I know , probably this will be something you wouldn’t have profoundly heard in India but this is something which you can offer with ease and pleasure.

Pictures are the memories we carry together and saving them from natural calamities is something which is something we all want so do you think there is something wrong in paying few pennies to someone who is a savior of our memories .



Being a copycat is common thing in India . Most of the business flourishing in India are those whose roots are being  copied . So then to remain and retain on the same position , brands want to have a firm which can look after their public relations.

Being a public relation firm you have to mainly workout on having a proper check on mass media you may even require to promote brands or the company by hosting up events or you can use journals or newspapers to advertise and can make it popular .

If you want to work from home you can work from home then you can do it but only for small firms .

Actually small firms does not invest more on PR things due to their budget restrictions so for them you can be a life savior.



Bureaucracy is something which I personally believe can never be eliminated from India. If you want to have a new license online then there are very few agencies or people who can help you through this.

So you can be the one who can help people through this for this business all you need to have is to have right contacts in the sector. If you have right contacts in the government sector then getting your things done is not a big deal as you can rightly use them and through this other people will get there work done and they will pay you the right amount.

Although this is not an easy task because getting your task done by these government people is a talent itself. It is not just that you are making money infact you are helping other people also who are struggling in between the government policies , moreover you will be having happy and satisfied customers because there work is completed on time.



Do you know that our 40 % of our raw food like all the grains , vegetables and fruits are getting wasted completely. So to save this amount our government is trying a lot so that people can open many processing units. Government is helping people both technologically and financially in this sector through their various programs.

So it’s a best way to take the privilege and become a part of this frozen industry. There are tons of food (grains) which is getting wasted everyday because there is neither a proper import and neither a proper storage , this results in food  getting wasted because they get rotten up with time. So to stop this decay of food you can open a storage and import facility and government will even help you through all this.



how to become rich India

Do you have idea that by wandering over the roads under “kabaad” can get you at least Rs. 600 to Rs. 800 daily. Strange, but it is fact you can get you gold from that “kabaad” ( waste ).  In India recyclers are high in demand especially the one who recycles the metal , paper and plastic.

The things we consider as something really useless for us can be of a great use for someone else , not only useful it can even make you rich , because in India recycling is something found very relevant these days as there is high awareness about the proper plastic disposal, so now people prefer to sell it instead of rushing into proper disposal of plastic.

People love earning out money from something which is really irrelevant and useless for them and you will be the happiest one to buy those irrelevant and useless things because that is somewhere  going to make you rich.



We all know death is the ultimate truth of life, and we all know about all the rituals that we perform after the death . We understand that those rituals are very important, but they become very painful for the family members (loved ones) to ensure about all the rituals even after being into such a trauma of losing someone so close.

This is the most disgusting feeling for the family, but ultimately, we have to perform the rituals and there are many communities which work over it but they are really expensive and everyone cannot afford it. So, for them you can be a big help and simultaneously you can earn for yourself.

To start this, you need to build a permanent contact from where you can fetch out the required things for funeral and you should be well versed about the rituals performed at funeral of different religions because then only you can make the arrangements accordingly.



There are many companies and people (especially large families ) who want someone to write their detailed story or history .

To be in this business all you need to have is an extreme control over your vocal as well as written English so that you can portray the story in the best possible manner , you even need to have a nice visualization so that you can relate well to their story because then only you can write it like your own detailed story. This is one of the most interesting works out of all and this is even not a very short-term process because projects can even last for months.

You should have the right passion for it because you must completely put yourself in tracing every root and every fact related to the family or to the organization. Being a chronicler is not an easy task and neither it is everyone’s cup of tea so if you are planning to get into this then you must have the talent and knowledge required for it.


No, I am not asking you to open a recruitment agency, because opening up an agency is a big-time struggle because there are plenty of licenses that are required for it. This is where you can provide skilled, temporary, full-time and unskilled labors in a very short period of time.

Actually the main profit lies up when you provide labors on short notice , because then you can charge high to the customers. There are different companies who hire from such agencies like restaurant, construction and many other and these agencies pay you as per the number of labors you provide.

Basically, in this what gives you the main profit is the difference of charges which companies would pay you in urgency and the amount you pay out to the laborsare way too low.

Isn’t it a nice way to bring out two sections of our society together by making money. In this business main skill is to have the power to manage out things because that would only get you money.



how to become rich India

Trading is one of the most assured way to become rich . Everything is gaining importance in this trading trend , you can trade for gold, silver and everything else.

In every industry trading is getting its boom, you can trade from any trustable and reputed firm or if you want then you can do it directly as well. If you are trying to get into stock market then there are few things you should keep in mind first of all you must have a plan for yourself , without any plan don’t even dare to enter this business. It is always good if you focus more on stocks which are reaching new heights. Try to cope up with your losses as soon as possible because piling up losses can lead to a big-time problems. Try keeping yourself updated with new technologies and always try to stick with the highly traded stocks or we can say to liquid stocks because in this way you can earn out the best profit out of your trade.


This a very inspiring infographic that shows real life example of people who are self made billionaire and what they did in their twenties to become so rich!

how to become rich

Hope you have loved the things you can do to become rich fast in India, we have created a detailed post on Business ideas without investment which can help you in getting idea to start your own business.

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