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Ways to Earn Money from Google Online Jobs with Simple Steps


Work from home is certainly one of the new and the best concept I really found because the misconception of 9 to 5 has lagged behind as now to earn money you are no more a slave of your 9 to 5 job. Work from home has made people independent and has helped them become the owner of themselves.

This work from home has helped many men and women suffering from the disability of going to the office in becoming the entrepreneurs. Work from home has been a ray of hope specifically for women who are bounded to their kids and family duties because now along with that they can simultaneously earn money for themselves. Work from home concept has empowered a lot of people and I hope it will keep doing the same for all the coming generations. There is plenty of work from home jobs available now on the internet, there are many MNCs offering work from home services for the people belonging especially from the field of development as there is an individual work to do so it is easy to provide work from home for such profiles.

I believe people work more when they are working from home because they are saving their energy as well as time which they waste on traveling in and out of the company. There are even a bunch of people who are silent workers so for such a crowd also we have this facility of work from home as they get that peace and comfort of being at their own place and in that cozy atmosphere. Work from home is not only good for the person who is working in fact it is good for the company as well because the company can take out the best from their employees and when we know that the employees are in their comfort then of course they will perform way better.

Company not only gets good productivity but this work from home concept even helps company in saving their expenses related to the seat or chair occupied by that person because when the person is coming to office than other than salary there are many more expenses related to that person like the cost of chair, machine, coffee, tea , etc. So it is a blessing in both terms and for both of them. If you have really nice talent then this is an easy game to chase because google waits for talent and earning money become way more easier when you have passion and as well as a talent for it. So don’t just keep running in the race identify your talent and use it at the right place and in the right direction so that the outcome is fruitful and happy going for everyone in every term.

What a sarcasm it is for Google that people are searching on google about the work from home services, I wish people knew that the platform of their question is itself an answer to it. Although when you will search for work from home jobs then Google will suggest you with all the possible answers and outcomes for it but on a personal basis I really don’t feel that there is any better platform for work from home than being a part of Google service or for working on Google tools. Google has a lot of opportunity for people from all the possible scales because many of its services are really approachable and free as well so everyone can make the best use of it. In this blog, we will be discussing the different ways of becoming an entrepreneur at google and the approaches of playing with Google tools and making money out of it. We will be discussing about the different scopes of the work and as well as we will be talking about the direct work from home recruitment at google. This article will guide you to the best knowledge of earning money from Google with your talent and hard work as well.

5 Ways to Earn Money from Google Online Job

Google AdSense:

Google AdSense

This is one heck of a thing to make money from because if you are working sincerely on Google AdSense then it won’t take time to make you a millionaire because there are people who have developed their palaces by working on Google AdSense. I personally believe that this is the best approach to make money out of all the possible ways of earning online and no doubt that there are millions of people publishing AdSense and are making millions from the Google AdSense. On average, you can earn from $200 to $20,000 every month from publishing AdSense. Adsense is a kind of campaign lead by Google to advertise cost – per – click ( CPC ) , it is also a platform for people to run ads. The best part about Google AdSense is that it is free of cost so it gives an equal chance to people from large and small scale industry.  Now here we have steps to enter into the world of Google AdSense:

  • You have to create a blog ( come up with something really creative and nice so that you can make it appealing to users).
  • You have to publish the regular content on the blog you have created it can include anything like cooking, personal experiences, technical kinds of stuff, hobbies, entertainment and on many more things).
  • Then apply for the Google AdSense.
  • When you account of Google Adsense is approved then start giving ads of AdSense on the blog you created ( for approval you need ten thousand views at least ) .
  • Now how you will be paid is that every time if someone visits or clicks your AdSense ads then you will be paid.

If you are really finding the above five steps as a tougher approach then you are on the wrong track because these are easily approachable scopes and still if you are worried about it then you must visit youtube because there you will be able to find videos where you will be taught from the scratch. Over here you are you’re the owner so keep improving your content and as you will attract more traffic then you will make money more otherwise it’s completely your rule to define your income level. Just keep in mind that you are not using word press because then you are  not eligible for it.

Selling application on google play

If you want to be at the peaks then here is your way to rule it out by getting your application on the google play! So to do this you have follow simple steps :

1)      Create a merchant account on google.

2)      Then sign in.

3)      Then open your financial reports.

4)      Click on the set up a merchant account now.

Once you are done with the set up then you should be ready to monetize your application. Then publish that application as a paid application and then you have to decide the amount you want to get for your application on every download – for example, you may make it cost $1.

You can merge the concept of google ads and google app as you can publish your google ads on your application and whenever someone will open your application and when someone will click on it then you will be paid for that click on ads, so you can make double money from one source.


How to make money from YouTube

Are you an attention seeker and Do you have fantasies of becoming a celebrity then you are just a sign up away because YouTube will fulfill your wishes. YouTube is a platform serving you glamour with money. You probably won’t realize that individuals are making millions from Youtube. However, not very easy, but rather especially possible for any individual who can record and share videos on any specific subject. Two sorts of individuals can make effective YouTube channels, one who makes interesting and engaging videos and second who can make very informative and useful videos for a specialty group of onlookers (like students, programmers, marketers, share market newbie, moms, homemakers, tech nerds, etc) . Provide comprehensive tips on your subject and make money via Youtube. Youtube is love for people of all age group because you get everything available at one go literally Youtube has become one stop solution for everything because YouTube has everything from a recipe of rice to the NASA’s latest development. YouTube is a trend in itself because youtube literally has everything to fulfill your search , It helps in not only fetching out the information but it also helps us in understanding it from the ground because here we can see what exactly that thing can be done. So learning becomes easy because you actually watch it happening.

These are the steps to enter into the world of glamour:

  • Start your own YouTune channel.
  • Make a video ( you can make anything literally on any appealing content which you believe will get you the traffic on this platform even if it is useless humor).
  • Upload your video on YouTube.
  • Let your video attract a nice amount of subscribers ( keep waiting until and unless you get a nice amount of subscribers on your video).
  • You can apply for YouTube partner program.
  • Once your account is approved then you can start earning money from YouTube.

Opinion rewards:

In our country especially we all know how much people are bothered of giving their opinion on a certain thing, like trust me they love to give opinion irrespective of its need, but now that useless habit can fetch you money (I wish the ladies of the 18th and 19th century knew about it ).

Taking this as a regular source of income is completely wrong as compared to Google AdSense and Youtube, etc. If you are looking for something to earn money part-time then Google Opinion rewards are the best approach for you. To get this Google Opinion rewards you have to download an app you can download it from play store ( android) or from the app store (iOS ). After downloading the app you can earn the google play credits by filling up the survey forms. No, it’s not a scientists task to fill up a survey form as you can easily fill it up ( anyone can ) and can get google play credits. Google Opinion Rewards will help you in earning the credits in google play which you can easily use to buy the applications which are paid. The minimum amount which Google is paying in India is Rs 10. Google Opinion Rewards is the best source of income as a part-time.


Books on Google Play

When we are talking about books on google play then that really does not mean that we are discussing library where we have those books or the books lying in our house, by books on google play we mean we are selling our own book, or our ebooks using google.

You can become the bestselling author of Google by joining the program of google books, you just have to make an account and then you can provide bam and the book files. Currently there are no sign-ups going on but still, keep yourself active and updated because they may start inviting sign-ups anytime and any moment.


Evaluating search engines:

The work is same as what the title explains because the task is to evaluate the web pages , websites and you have to occasionally give ads, so as to make sure that the results we get in the search are the relevant ones and are really helpful for the queries. We all know that once when the web page or website is created then it has  to maintain a rank i.e we need to use SEO ( search engine optimization ) seriously and to know about SEO you need not be a pro or it is not a rocket science you can easily get it with the help of few tutorials itself. The most important thing to remember in this is to stuff keywords as you have to know which keywords are on demand and can attract people to your page and there are few more thing to mind is that you should provide complete information so that people don’t bounce back from your page because of incomplete or insufficient page . Having high bounce rate will make you rank lower and if you find that you are ranking high then also keep making changes to it and rewriting the content in a different manner so with these few concepts you can make the page rank higher. You have to be sure that you are using a keyword that a search engine evaluator will know and understand them using their web- based tools or any of their own methods.

At times the websites and web pages are ranked according to the Microsoft guidelines or according to Google. Along with researches , a search engine evaluator can read PDFs, YouTube videos, plays songs, downloads apps, watches movies, etc so that they can evaluate the website, webpage or ad at the best.

There are many companies who have become a leading MNCs like Appen, KarmaHub, Lionbridge, iSoftStone. These companies were one of those which are having rates $12 per hour ( although you cannot be exact about the rates when it comes to search engine evaluators ).

There are two companies Leapforce and Lionbridge that Google outsources the work so in future when you want you can collaborate with them. You can work like this by being in – house for Google. If you are a person who loves surfing on the internet and have a fascination of navigating a different kind of content and you are having knowledge in various fields and on various industries then you are on the right track of becoming a remote search engine evaluator.

Remote Career Work

You can find work from home at some mid – level position or at an above position at Google , you can try to search for different jobs on the page of google and you can even search it area wise. Mostly this work from home job is given to the developers or engineers as there are very rare work from home jobs in the operations and administration. So if you are looking a job into operations then be a bit patient with it. One thing that you should make sure is that never provide your information to anyone as there are many scammers who may demand an amount to give you an opportunity to apply for a job in google so be careful even if they ask for a very minimal amount.

The company is even open to the freelancers. So if you want an opportunity at Google then apply directly on the page of google that is their main job board. Never make your recruiter send the resume because google avoids such things so follow up with HR and do it yourself. Keep taking the follow- ups because that’s the best as you are trying and be focused.

Google has a lot to offer on this platform where we all are and if you want to work from home and you have the ability for it then work hard for it and enjoy the perks.

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