15 ways to make money from your blog


Blogging is undoubtedly a profession today with people earning quite well. Actually if you see the most earning blogs you would find their monthly incomes being better than what you earn in a middle management position for a year! It is all about your passion and your zeal to write and let the world read what you write. If they love what you write, you are not required to slog yourself to do something else that is just a way of earning for you.

I shared my story with you and had it been not my own experience, believe me maybe I would also be slogging myself to see some bit of amount in my account every 30th. I have seen it work for me and so today, I want to share with you the 20 ways in which you could also make it work for you. Of course, needless to say, you should be in love with BLOGGING!

I am bringing to the table today, the ways in which you can easily begin and expect to earn money. However, please ensure that your blog is at least 6 months old with regular blogging posts to ensure some level of earning from these methods.

Google AdSense

This is the most popular source of money making for the professional and hobby bloggers. You got to have Google AdSense if you seriously want to earn from your blog.  You can do so by clicking here. (Link)

Affiliate Marketing

This is the second best or rather the best option for those for whom Google AdSense does not work. Affliialte marketing has come up to be the best option for people today to earn from blogs. People across the globe are using it more than Google AdSense today due to the associated stream of things. You can read more here. (Link)


Another way to market your blog and monetize it is to use WordAds. You need to install Jetpack and AdControl for it and then accordingly add suitable widgets.


Another super method to earn while you blog is to install Infolinks. It is an ad network that helps you show ads on your website within the margin breaks. You can see different ads playing and coming in as a popup which results in people reaching out. It is more of the CPC and CPM marketing than direct advertising. You transfer them traffic from your website and they pay you in return, simple!


It is another successful way to earn with BuySellAds seeking 25% commission for playing and controlling the ads on your website. You need to register with them and leave the rest to them for this commission. You can decide on the slot to be sold and they will trade it with the advertiser who wants to seek that slot on your blog.

OIO Publisher

You can add this Plugin directly and use it to sell your spots. Once you set it right, ads will begin to play and you would get commission. You need to have a PayPal account to receive your payments.

Selling your space

You can sell your space yourself by declaring them on your blog. You need to register with websites like Advertisespace or similar. They will pay you on CPM basis or on fixed cost basis as the case may be.

Sponsored posts & articles

This is another way if you have a good traffic. This is simply inviting someone else to write on your website while they pay you for the same.

Build an E-mail list

This is a tested method which might appear like a drag to you, but you should try this and observe the difference it makes. You can do this by keeping an option to subscribe for alerts through email in your website.

An Online Store

You can also do this if your content is all about some products, product reviews and the likes.

Selling text-link ads

You might want to sell text-link ads through your website for an income in return. This is quite a prominent way.

Audio Ads

Another great way of creating advertisements is through display of audio ads on your website. It has the advantage of creating curiosity to click.

Use Content locking

It is a legitimate style to make people click on an advertisement or perform some action to read your post further.

Offer Coupons

This can be a very good monetizing option. You can add coupons from travel or apparel websites to your website.

Google Referral Program

This is different from AdSense and makes you richer when Google pays you for referring your audience to use Google products.

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  2. Worthy stuff here!

    I like this read and agree with your thoughts on saving money. and affiliate marketing is of the easiest ways to make money.

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