20 AWESOME Ways to Make Money Online [2020 Updated]


This guide has everything you need to know about how to Make Money Online.

In this fast changing and highly competitive world, who doesn’t want to earn quickly. There are ample of opportunities available online nowadays. All you need to have is an uninterrupted internet connection and flare of being creative and unique in whatever you do.

And, to grab these low-hanging fruits on internet, you don’t need to be a genius or something. Just be confident to sell whatever skills you posses and increase your cash flows substantially, thanks to this era of digital world.

After having done enough brainstorming with my team, we have brought to you 20 easy and convenient ways that will help you to make money online and it might leave you wondering that such ways may even fetch you more money than you used to earn from the tiring job that required you to be in office for more than 10 hours a day. Here you go!

20 Ideas to Make money online for free

1. Freelancing

Freelancing - Make Money Online

Considering the economic state of developing countries like us, it’s a bit difficult to create employment opportunities for everyone. Also, because of stringent labor laws in the country, even companies are getting their small tasks done through freelancers.

And these freelance jobs involve all kind of skills, starting from simple data entry jobs to development of complex applications and algorithms for tech based solutions. And there are no obligations of continuing the job if you don’t like, unlike full-time employment services. It saves your time and energy that you would have spent to travel to office and offers you full flexibility.

Freelancing sites like,,,, urbanclap, etc. are witnessing huge traffic nowadays due to the above-mentioned advantages for both-hirer and freelancer.


2. Start teaching Online courses

Online courses- Make Money Online

You may have spent enough on your education and gaining knowledge, why don’t share it with the masses out there? So, you are thinking that I am asking you for some kind of charity. No way, there’s a price tag that comes along. Yes, welcome to 21st century.

You can upload an online course or start taking online classes in collaboration with education partners like Udemy, Coursera on a global level. There are various indigenous platforms as well as coaching institutes for various competitive examinations in the country. And of course, cash flowing in from this method is directly proportional to the quality of your teaching. And since it’s a digital era, information flows with a blink of an eye and if you nail this art of teaching online, then you may become one of those big tycoons in this industry.

I would like to cite a personal instance over here, when I was preparing for CAT, there was a Facebook group of CAT aspirants and you might take a bit to digest the fact that the admin of the group made around INR 30 lacs by taking online classes.

3. Crack online business challenge competitions and win lavish prize money

That’s a new trend that has come up in recent years. When the strategies framed by the in-house talent of a firm become obsolete and company management look for some fresh perspectives to the business problems, they conduct online case study challenges where ideas are evaluated on the basis of uniqueness, practical application, and feasibility to implement it in the organization.

One of the popular sites where such competitions are listed is dare2compete. So, use your grey matter to rescue the lives of CXOs by making good recommendations for the given problem and take home your share of the money.

4. Rent out your belongings

You have an extra space in your house or extra vehicle or let’s say a guitar that you no longer use. Hey, wait! don’t think that I am asking you to sell them off. But you can always rent them out and still manage to keep the ownership with you. You can always list your belongings on different websites depending on the type of belonging that you have.

Say, an extra room in your house can be listed on sites like Airbnb, Oyo home, wander trails and many more. To rent out your car, there are companies like zoom car, JustRide where you can earn monthly by leasing out your vehicle to them instead of just cleaning off the dust settling on it because of its spare at your place.

5. Refer and Earn

Marketers are trying hard to reach out to each and every consumer through different media but today competition in the market is cut-throat. So, multi-level marketing plays an important role. In multilevel marketing, one customer refers to other potential customer and earns if the potential customer is converted to a buyer through his/her referral. And since the price of attracting a customer is much higher than paying out for referrals, so even companies don’t mind burning cash to pay the referrers.

And this refers and earn program is on almost every E-commerce business. All you need is a good network to refer the product and service and earn depending on your capability to refer. And this strategy literally proves a wise saying- “Your network is your Net-Worth”.

6. Get paid off from your social media presence (best way to make money online)

If you are well-versed on how to increase fan-following on social media and have established your presence on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, they why don’t you partner with brands to market their product to your followers. Even big brands like Google has been using this strategy to increase their market share.

When they launched Google pixel phone, they harvested the benefits of huge fan-following of insta-celebrities. And in today’s social-media world, everyone has some or the other insta-celebrities which they follow in every aspect. I am a hardcore fan of Adidas sports-wear and one of the reasons is that my insta-celebrity endorses it.

7. Become a blogger

Make Money Online

Are you good at writing? Or are passionate about something and want to share the knowledge of your favorite domain with others, then blogging can be your thing. That’s the buzz word in the market nowadays. Almost every industry is taking help of bloggers to sell their products and services. Area of blogging depends on your interest, you may choose to be a blogger in general domain or may find a niche domain like arts, technology, demand is persistent in every domain. And perks of being a blogger are immense.

Just to give you an idea about the benefits of blogging in the travel industry, you establish an online presence which can be useful for numerous purposes. How would you feel if I tell you that travel bloggers get sponsored trips throughout the world? Yes, that’s true. All you need is to identify your domain of interest and start writing about it. Share your content on blogging platforms, Blogger, Weebly,, Tumblr, etc. And if your content has uniqueness and has personal touch associated with it, believe me, you will do wonders within no time.


8. Online surveys and research

How much ever expertise a firm gain in marketing, without knowing the ground-work reality, even the best of the marketing techniques fail. And here lies your requirement. Help these firms to collect feedback of customers which will help these firms to improvise their products and services.

Know the nuances of primary and secondary research and start making money by getting surveys filled online and analyzing the survey results. Seems easy right? Yes, it is. Hurry up, register with websites like Swagbucks, Prize Rebel, InboxDollars, and many more and increase your income by sitting at home itself.

9. Exhibit your arts

Showcase the artist inside you and earn a hefty amount. Be it any kind of art, paintings, photographs, handicrafts, display it on popular websites to realize the money out of it. Etsy, Vango, Arzucar Gallery, Shair Art are the few of the famous websites to exhibit your art for display. You will have access not only to domestic customers but these sites offer you a global outreach. Because of this feature, you get real value for your arts as India is known for the land of artists and their works are highly valued in foreign countries.

If you are passionate about photography, there are customers there in the market to buy your clicks. Websites like Shutterstock, Fotomoto, 500px, Crestock will enable you to make money out of your hobbies. And there can be no better way of making money that converting your passion into a profession.

10. Online Stock trading

Online Stock trading

Invest in the companies that are performing well financially, help them to grow by trading their stocks and you will grow automatically. Good background research of ongoing trends with a flare of finance and intuitive strength can make you a good trader and who knows you might become Belfort Jordan of Wall Street.

But don’t get carried away if you start winning. Also, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Choose a basket of stocks for trading to hedge the risks. If you are not very confident but trading yourself, then you may hire a trustworthy financial consultant initially to guide you about in and out of this industry till you become an expert.

11. Start Vlogging

That’s another trendy version to display your talent. This is like video + blog which means sharing your content in the form of videos. Actually, it’s much more convenient and attractive for people and chances of earning popularity are much higher via vlogs than blogging or any other online media presence. The best platform to upload your videos in Youtube. More the number of views you have better offers in terms of sponsored ads on your video will have.

Just make a creative video with the content of your choice and you are just a few clicks away from becoming famous. Another advantage of reaching masses through videos is that people start recognizing you by face and you never when someone will roll out an offer to you to acting or video script writing.

Apart from Youtube other sites are, Dailymotion, liveleak, etc. So why wait? Just pick up your camera and start shooting amazing videos and become famous overnight and wealth always follows fame without any doubt.

You can read this definite guide to make money on YouTube.

12. Review products to earn

Everyone has a perspective about everything surrounding us. Be it a tangible object or non-tangible object, we always to tend to pass some comments. Similar nature of work is what this job demands. All you have to do is write reviews about different products and get paid in return. Now, there are different on how you want to review a product. These products vary from books, sports-wear, gadgets, apparels, and anything and everything that you can think of under the stars.

There are exclusive sites available which are just meant to review the products like Vindale research, Software Judge, FameBit, etc. You may also review the product via a post on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, youtube. Tony & Guy which is Multi-national hairdressing chain gets endorsing from many Instagram and tweeter celebrities.

There are many more such brands who are getting their products endorsed in a similar fashion. So, if you have a huge fan following on social media then you can earn money very well by reviewing the products. And don’t mind if you are still in the progress of making fans, there are exclusive sites as I have already mentioned where you can post your reviews and get paid.

13. Become Virtual assistant

make money online

Are you good at managing tasks or have experience in scheduling, planning but do not wish to travel to the office? Hey, No worries at all! You can stay at your home and still manage to showcase these skills virtually. Yes, you read it right.

Become a virtual assistant. Such jobs consist of managing inboxes, sending out mailers, scheduling, and planning events. Basically, these are routine business tasks that do not require any technical know-how but just need your administrative skills.

14. Become an Online Consultant

If you possess expertise in any domain and wish to use it to help others, there are opportunities available for that too. Websites like Upwork constantly look for such online consultants from all spheres and industries. The education sector has seen many such consultants flourishing by advising aspirants to get admits into B-schools of their dreams.

Similarly, in the medical sector, being a health specialist, you cannot serve at multiple locations at the same time but can always give consultation to the patients located in different parts of the world by being at just one place.

15. Make your own website

Well, if you have enough content that you don’t mind building your own website, then I would say please go ahead as that too can fetch you are very hefty income. Many websites owing to their popularity shells out space to advertisers in return of getting paid. So, make a website, load it with engaging content and attract advertisers to post their ads.

16. Sell your academic notes

Were you among the toppers of the class and your classmates used to run behind asking for your notes and that made you feel important. Still, want to maintain that position of power? If yes, then we have a suggestion for you. Sell your academic notes online when you no longer need them.

How much effort a teacher puts in to explain in class but during exams everyone needs those handwritten notes which lessens the amount of hard-work one has to do. So, even after you have passed your course, your personalized notes will still be of use to students who are about to sit for the examinations.

Many IIT and IIM pass-outs have created many such platforms where students can upload their notes and get paid in return proportional to the number of downloads from the site.

17. Become a Ghostwriter

Don’t go by the literal meaning of the word ghost. I am not asking you to write any ghost stories or horror scripts. Ghostwriting means that you are allowing someone to use publish your writings under their name. The area of writing can be anything. Be it arts, entertainment, travel, philosophy, you can lend your works in return of good wage.


18. Be a graphic designer

Be a graphic designer

Have got some designs in your mind that you want to materialize in reality. To show your creativity there is enough number of platforms available. You can become a T-shirt designer, mobile cover designer for companies like Soul store and many more like these and bring out funky and cool designs into the market.

Design brochures, pamphlets for companies, academic institute. Basically, anything that involves the design of graphics can help you to turn your creativity to the good earning profession.

19. Create an online matchmaking site

Sounds funny? Yeah, maybe it is! But can give your career a hit if you crack the code of match-making. Design a platform for match-making which could be a dating site or matrimonial site or any other concept that you can think of via people of the opposite gender would use to connect to each other.

Who doesn’t know tinder in today’s world but there can be better and more customized apps that can be built to help people connect better. And your source of income would be via a subscription fee. So, think of some innovative ideas that are non-existent currently and you can bring it to the table.

20. Create your own e-library and rent out books

In this era of the digital world, people like to read online. And this gives one to create a repository of books, journals, citations and other academic works which can be made accessible to the readers. You may create this repository in a particular domain or make want to keep it general and stack it under different sections to attract masses with a wide range of interest.


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