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High Paying Online jobs from home for students – Earn 5000 Daily


Today I’m going to show you High Paying Online jobs from home for Indian students.
The world of internet is now at everyone’s fingertips. The beauty of online world is; it is what you make of it. Right?

Let me help you to not just learn through internet but also earn through internet, especially when you are an Indian student.
When you are a student, all you want to do is to have the time of your life, but there is a catch! There is no such thing in life such as a ‘Free Lunch’ in student life.

It can be pretty difficult to manage expenses in colleges given that we all get a limited allowance only from our homes.

However, many of you must have considered the option of having other ways to earn money without missing out on our actual studies. Though it can be a little challenging to find the right internship opportunity to earn more, one can always find great chances to earn some extra bucks in the world of internet.

The Internet is today accessible to almost everyone and if you are well aware of what are the options for Indian students to earn extra bucks online, the student life can be a piece of cake. The biggest confusion is about knowing the right online jobs without investment from home for students. So, fear not as I am here to help you to find the best online jobs from home.

online jobs

Let’s explore the best options to make money online for Indian students:

Online Typing Jobs

If you have the butterfingers when it comes to using the keyboard of your laptop then you are so in luck!
There are plenty of options available online where you can simply receive the documents, which you need to type.
The best part of the job is you don’t need constant connectivity for it. Many companies provide these writing assignments in bulk, you can get your friends together to take up a big project and earn even more.
If that is not an option for you then you can take up small scale assignments and work according to your time table.


Freelance Content writing

Become a Successful Writer

The world of freelance content writing is open for the student of any age and course, as long as you are good at it.
There are plenty of sites that cater to the student in terms of providing them with good writing opportunities. Other than that you can also use social media to find great paid writing opportunities.
You can pick your area of interest, decide the pay and just start writing and earning. There are options like translation, proofreading etc that are also available in terms of content oriented jobs.

One more interesting thing is, instead of writing for other people you can also come up with your own blog and use that to get google ads. Today anyone can start a free blog and it is completely up you to pick the topics to write and promote it accordingly. There are many people who have successful food blogs, beauty blogs or even travel blogs.
The task of writing is completely dependent on you and your style of writing. If the audience is able to connect with your way of writing then you can earn a good amount in a short amount of time.


Online Tutoring

Make Money Online
Teaching is the most beautiful gift one can provide, so why not get paid for it? Let’s face it we all have acted as a substitute teacher for our friends, cousins and familiar faces, so why not get your worth out of it.  Sites like,, Tutor Vista are the best bet to get an authentic teaching job anywhere.
Many Indian students who have skills like WordPress development or website development manage to get students from abroad as well as they can teach special skills. It all depends on the skills and talents that you have, your way of teaching and how much time can you invest.
Teaching is such a rewarding opportunity in itself, so why not make the most it.

Data entry

data entry
Though data entry tasks can be a little boring, it is all worth your time, when you are paid handsomely for it. You can start data entry jobs as the freelancer from shortor you can find leads on social media. These jobs don’t consume too much of your time and you can easily manage them with your studies.

Do make sure of a very simple thing while taking up such projects, that you must stay away from the sites that are asking for a fee to take projects.
For Data entry jobs the minimum requirement is having a computer or a laptop and a working knowledge of excel.
It is important to pay attention to details while doing the data entry jobs. If you can spare an hour or two each day, you can manage to earn a good amount in this field. In the case of bulk projects, you can gather people with similar interest and take on the whole project easily.

Online Survey Jobs

Freelancing - Make Money Online
Taking online survey jobs is literally the easiest job option for a college student. You can do it anytime, anywhere and get a good amount for it. Plenty of manufacturing companies, service companies, apps from all around the world spend millions of dollars in preliminary research to get ideas and suggestions.
All you need to do in these surveys is give your honest opinion about things and help the company to improve its products and services. Make sure that you register on multiple sites to get the best results, However, one tip that is going to go a long way in this job is to keep your Paypal amount ready as most of these jobs are not India based, though it just means you can earn a good amount at ease. So why not jump in on this train and earn well.

Becoming a social media expert

Social Media Services - business plan
Today many people look for someone who has a good idea about managing social media. So, if like me you have been bitten by the social media bug then why not make money off it. Plenty of PR companies look for freelancers that can put up the posts with catchy captions and right tags to improve their social media visibility.
This is a great way to develop your social media skillsFiverrand one can even consider it as an opportunity to dip his/her toes in the pool of social media management.
Once upon a time, I handle my friend’s Instagram account( she is an aspiring model) and I managed to get a good amount.

Basically, the limit of social media is completely up to you, today there are many free tools that can help you to push your social media game plan.

Becoming a YouTuber

make money

Today one of the fastest growing media is YouTube and many YouTubers generate a lot of revenue and income. The best part about being a YouTuber is that there is space for each and every one. It doesn’t matter where your interest lies, you can decide your preference.
One can sing, dance or recite poetry or hold a social discussion to ensure that you get a shot at the stardom. It can be a little time consuming, but if you continue to work on yourself and push forward the best version of yourself on the platform then you really can earn a lot.
Here’s a fun fact about Youtube, the highest paid YouTuber of 2018 is a child who reviews toys!
So, for you sky is the limit, you never know it can be your ride to much bigger things in life.
Check out detailed article on: HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUTUBE

Ad Clicking Jobs

ptc sites
I can honestly tell you right that the extra income is just a click away for you. Simply go to the sites like ClixSense and NeoBux, where you can signup to get paid to click ads. The work is literally as simple as it sounds and one can save a lot of hassle while doing this task.
There are plenty of other tasks attached to this job where you can take survey or post comments to get more money.
The ad can be in form of link clicks or watching a small video, in any way you don’t have to invest too much of your time in this option.

Affiliate Marketing

Become a financial consultant

The term Affiliate Marketing stands for a kind of performance-based marketing. In this marketing, a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.
There are a large number of e-commerce opportunities that keep looking for people with links and connection to push forward their products. The task is simple, you just need to promote the product or the service provide by the comply to get more and more traffic on the site.
Basically, when a person purchases anything by clicking your link, then you get paid for it.
You can promote the apps and services in your social groups and other places.

Graphic designing

online jobs

If you have a creative mind and understaning of design tools then nothing is going to get your bat going like a graphic designing job. There are many websites and portals that provide shot term assignments tp the students to design various thing.
The idea of the task is to create a visual intentiy that is required by your client. It is fairly easy to get a good graphic designing assignment, using social media and websites like fiverr, etc.
Many graphic designers also take up the jobs related to logo designing, which in today’s time a quickly growing field. Like graphic designing, there are plenty of other roles as well that can help a student to make money online such as website designing, photoshop, editing etc.
You can learn the basic idea behind these skills on the internet and use it to make money.

Things to remember when you are looking for online jobs in India:

It is important to use authentic sites and sources to get gigs. There are many sites who claim to provide an employment opportunity in exchange of money, in that situation it is better to stay away from such sites.
Be careful of the jobs you get on social media. Though social media is a great source to get great gigs online, it is important to remember that you can also become a victim to plenty of social media frauds.  So, only opt for genuine jobs and ask as many questions as well.
Just because of the fact it is an online job doesn’t mean that you are not going to treat it professionally and properly. Make sure you stick to the deadlines as provides and don’t copy from the internet. Especially in the case of writing jobs and assignment, plagiarism is a sin.
Most of these online jobs are enjoyable and can be performed in just a couple of hours from your free time daily. If you are a hard-working student then you can really earn well and enjoy your student life to the best.
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