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20 Best Part time jobs from Home in 2020(Online & Offline)


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20 Part time Jobs with High Salary 2020

Although we have already written about the High paying 20 online jobs here with the complete details but here you can see the list of offline as well as online Part time jobs.

1. Virtual assistant

Have you heard your boss cribbing about getting to reply to at least 10 mails an hour or arranging for travel and accommodation himself for weekly business meetings or wasting his half of time in setting up appointments and a number of tedious jobs that eats away most of his productive time? And so does happens with many corporate leaders.

But corporates have started acting smart and are outsourcing virtual assistants for such jobs. So, if you think you have good managerial skills and help out someone to ease out his/her hectic schedule by taking charge of doing such administrative jobs, then there are ample opportunities available online.

2. Handicraft maker

Handicraft maker

If you love making handicrafts or possess any kind of artistic skills, then you can start your own venture of selling these handicrafts at home. There are a number of online websites exclusively dedicated to display the products like, Craftsy, Aftrca.

The advantage of selling online is that you will have access to global customers as well and Indian artefacts are highly valued in foreign countries. You can choose your own theme of handicrafts like paintings, lamps, show-pieces and anything creative that you can think of. You can even build your own website to display your products. This will help you to save middlemen commissions.

3. Hobby classes

Having hobbies not just helps us to pass our time and refreshes our from boring and hectic working schedules but has lot of other advantages. Yes! Hold on. What if I tell you that you can even monetize your hobbies? That’s true. If you have an interesting hobby and has a flare of teaching, you can start your hobby classes in your free time.

It will not help you to devote some time from your busy schedule to hobby but also will help you to increase your bank balance. And take it any hobby that you love spending time on, be it Cooking, Dancing, Sketching, Writing, Photography, etc.. So what are you waiting for, Just advertise for your hobby classes and start earning money by doing your favorite activity.

4. Become an HR consultant

HR consultant

Organizations are struggling a lot now-a days for skilled individuals to meet their human resource requirements. Sometimes, in-house recruiting teams are unable to attract the right amount of talent for you’re their organizations, so they start looking for part-time employees who can fulfil their requirements of head-hunting.

It’s a pretty simple job. You just need to make recruiters and job seekers meet and get paid for it. It depends on your abilities that on which level you want to carry out the recruitments. There are many firms who look for individuals at management cadres also and getting the suitable leaders for them can give you a high jump in your career.

5. Image consultants

Well that’s one of the hottest fields to make your carrier today. Let me just explain what image consultants do and I am sure you will find it in starting from your dressing style to the way you speak, the way you carry yourself, you style of greeting others, dinning etiquettes and much more. So basically, helping your clients to develop on all fronts and enhance the attributes they already possess. It helps a lot in networking and giving a boost to your career.

Many business tycoons, corporate leaders are looking for experienced Image consultants. If you have this tinge of grooming, personality development tricks, that it can be your cup of tea as well. And let me tell you, if you can crack the code of grooming an individual, then be ready to look out for investment options because there is a huge money coming in from this occupation.

6. Become a Brand Ambassador

As the name suggests, you have to promote the branding of product. It’s a fun way which ca serve as your ticket to a thicker wallet. And it doesn’t need much of your time, you can work at your own leisure on weekends for few hours as this job offers lot of flexibility.

And if you have the flare of branding a product creatively, then half of your job is done. This kind of job includes promoting products on social media, distributing offer coupons to individuals to encourage them to try the product or service. There are ample of opportunities available today if this job excites you.

7. Tele marketer

Are you good at convincing others and can use this skill of yours to engage with individuals in a conversation to make them buy products and services, then tele-marketing can be your cup of tea. This job involves calling up people and sell your products or services to them.

And every company need tele-marketers, be it insurance company, travel agency, credit card companies and almost every company that deals in B2C business. It offers flexibility of time, can be done from anywhere and enhances your communication skills as well.

8. Online Stock trading

Online Stock trading

Invest your money into the organizations that are performing admirably monetarily, assist them with growing by buying their stocks and you will develop along with them.

Great foundation research of progressing trends with a flare of finance and instinctive quality can make you a decent trader and who knows you may move toward becoming Belfort Jordan of Wall Street.

Yet, don’t get carried away if you begin winning. Additionally, don’t put all your investments tied up on one place. Pick a basket of stocks for exchanging to hedge the dangers. If you are not very confident but trading yourself, then you may hire a trustworthy financial consultant initially to guide you about in and out of this industry till you become an expert.

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9. Review products to earn

Everybody has a point of view about everything encompassing us. Be it a tangible object or non-tangible object, we are generally very keen to pass a few remarks. Similar nature of work is what this job demands. You should simply compose reviews and testimonials about various items and get paid in return. Presently, there are distinctive ways on how you review a product. These products vary from books, sports-wear, devices, attire, and everything that you can think of under the stars. There are exclusive sites available which are just meant to review the products like Vindale look into, Software Judge, FameBit, and so forth.

You may likewise review a product by means of a post via web-based networking media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, youtube. Tony and Guy which is Multi-national hairdressing chain gets endorsing from numerous Instagram and tweeter big-celebs. There are a lot of such progressive brands who are getting their products promoted along these lines. So, if you have a gigantic fan following on online networking media, you can earn hefty amount by reviewing the products and services. Also, do not dejected if you are still in the advancement of making fans, there are exclusive websites as I have just referenced where you can post your surveys and get paid.

10. Become an Online Consultant

If you possess skill in any space and wish to utilize it to help other people, there are opportunities available in that area as well. Sites like Upwork always hunt for such online specialists from all domains and sectors.

The instruction area has seen many individuals such advisors prospering by encouraging applicants to get concedes into B-schools they had always wanted. Correspondingly, in the medicinal segment, being a ‘wellbeing master’, you can serve your clients located at different areas simultaneously.

11. Create your own e-library and rent out books

In this period of the advanced world, individuals like to peruse on the web. Also, this offers one to make a storehouse of books, diaries, references and other scholastic works which can be made open to the perusers.

You may make this vault in a specific area or make need to keep it general and stack it under various areas to draw in masses with a wide scope of intrigue.

12. Part-time Accountant

Financial Planning Services

The rise of new businesses has prompted an ascent in the interest for low maintenance bookkeepers and accountants that can bear to work without being on a full time pay-roll. The activity incorporates being engaged with all parts of records, such as dealing with petty cash, co- ordination with banks and merchants, and help amid yearly reviews.

13. Website developer

If you are good at developing websites, be glad to know that most of the job is done as it takes very fewer efforts to monetize from the website. Then there is not just one but a number of ways to earn money from it.

You can do affiliate marketing of products which will help your customers to reach out their target groups. You may rent out your entire website to small companies that do not have the site of their own and get paid. Giving out space to the sponsored advertisements in another way.

14. Become an online tutor

Translation Services - Business ideas

You may have spent enough on your education and gaining knowledge, why don’t share it with the masses out there? So, you are thinking that I am asking you for some kind of charity. No way, there’s a price tag that comes along. Yes, welcome to 21st century.

You can upload an online course or start taking online classes in collaboration with education partners like Udemy, Coursera on a global level. There are various indigenous platforms as well as coaching institutes for various competitive examinations in the country. And of course, cash flowing in from this method is directly proportional to the quality of your teaching. And since it’s a digital era, information flows with a blink of an eye and if you nail this art of teaching online, then you may become one of those big tycoons in this industry.

I would like to cite a personal instance over here, when I was preparing for CAT, there was a Facebook group of CAT aspirants and you might take a bit to digest the fact that the admin of the group made around INR 30 lacs by taking online classes.

15. Graphic Designer

Have got some designs in your mind that you want to materialize in reality. To show your creativity there is enough number of platforms available. You can become a T-shirt designer, mobile cover designer for companies like Soul store and many more like these and bring out funky and cool designs into the market.

Design brochures, pamphlets for companies, academic institute. Basically, anything that involves the design of graphics can help you to turn your creativity to the good earning profession.

16. Career counsellor

Gone are the days when there were just two or three options used to be there to pursue the career. And we cannot blame that time also because there were not enough opportunities available and word ‘Globalization’ was very alien to most of the Indians. Thanks to the phase of liberalization that has opened gateways in every sphere. Now there are a plethora of options available to pursue your career from, so it is bound that one would need some expert guidance before taking any major decision in the field of career.

And to address such needs of Indian professionals and students, Career guidance is a promising career. Another fact that will prove this career to be boom soon is that India will soon top the list of youngest nations in the world by 2020 with an average of 29 years. And on the top of it, high levels of unawareness, parental pressure, and peer pressure even make the need for career counselors more and more significant.

That simply means, there is enough demand in this business and very fewer career counselors present to cater to the growing demands and this justification should be enough to motivate you to invest in this business right away.

17. Blogging (online jobs from home for students)

Freelancing - Make Money Online

Are you good at writing? Or are passionate about something and want to share the knowledge of your favorite domain with others, then blogging can be your thing. That’s the buzz word in the market nowadays. Almost every industry is taking help of bloggers to sell their products and services.

Area of blogging depends on your interest, you may choose to be a blogger in general domain or may find a niche domain like arts, technology, demand is persistent in every domain. And perks of being a blogger are immense. Just to give you an idea about the benefits of blogging in the travel industry, you establish an online presence which can be useful for numerous purposes.

How would you feel if I tell you that travel bloggers get sponsored trips throughout the world? Yes, that’s true. All you need is to identify your domain of interest and start writing about it. Share your content on blogging platforms, Blogger, Weebly,, Tumblr, etc. And if your content has uniqueness and has personal touch associated with it, believe me, you will do wonders within no time.

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18. Become a YouTuber

The third largest search engine after Google and Facebook is Youtube. And due to this much gained popularity, it has helped many ordinary people to become millionaires by showcasing their passion on YouTube. Yes, I am asking you to create your own youtube channel and believe me it’s pretty easy.

Just be authentic in whatever content you create and follow your niche from the heart to truly make it to hearts of your viewers. And after you have achieved enough number of views, you can start monetizing in a number of ways. Popular ones include Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, collaborating with brand sponsors, merchandising, earning via subscription fee and money other options. Go grab your camera, make some interesting content and upload it on YouTube. And keep doing it repeatedly till your videos start becoming viral.

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19. Online surveys (Online jobs from home without investment)

How much ever expertise a firm gain in marketing, without knowing the ground-work reality, even the best of the marketing techniques fail. And here lies your requirement. Help these firms to collect feedback of customers which will help these firms to improvise their products and services.

Know the nuances of primary and secondary research and start making money by getting surveys filled online and analyzing the survey results. Seems easy right? Yes, it is. Hurry up, register with websites like Swagbucks, Prize Rebel, InboxDollars, and many more and increase your income by sitting at home itself.

20. Freelancing

online jobs

Considering the economic state of developing countries like us, it’s a bit difficult to create employment opportunities for everyone. Also, because of stringent labor laws in the country, even companies are getting their small tasks done through freelancers. And these freelance jobs involve all kind of skills, starting from simple data entry jobs to development of complex applications and algorithms for tech-based solutions.

And there are no obligations of continuing the job if you don’t like, unlike full-time employment services. It saves your time and energy that you would have spent to travel to office and offers you full flexibility. Freelancing sites like,,,, urbanclap, etc. are witnessing huge traffic nowadays due to the above-mentioned advantages for both-hirer and freelancer.

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