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A friend of mine has been to World tour recently. And from all I know she wasn’t very well off to sponsor such an expensive trip on her own. I assumed for some time that it might be a sponsored trip from someone special until I was very intrigued to ask. And I was shocked to know that she earned enough in a few months from Paid to click sites(PTC Sites) to sponsor such an exorbitant trip. I really could not digest this information for a very long time and decided to explore this domain and to my surprise, this job does wonders.

I know you too are excited to know more about this kind of job. Okay, let’s start from what PTC (Paid to click) sites are? And then we’ll tell you how to get paid by reading ads. 

PTC represents Paid-to-click, a web-model in which advertisers pay a charge each time one of their advertisements is clicked. Basically, it’s a method for purchasing visits to a site, instead of earning those visits naturally. Each time an ad promotion is clicked, a small amount is paid to you. At a point when PTC is working accurately, the expense is minuscule when compared to the visit which is worth more than what you are paid by the website. Like if you are paid $2 for a tick which results in a sale worth $200, then a robust benefit has been made by the website.

Now, you must be thinking that you get millions of pop-ups while browsing through internet which says earn ‘xxxx’ dollar in few hours which sound luring but looks more like a fraud and when clicked upon those ads, you are directed to a page which is flagged by your anti-virus software for security reasons. Then which are those sites which actually pay out for clicking the ads? Based on my own experience and in consultation with other experts in this domain, we have brought you the list of authentic websites that will fetch you earn money by clicking ads get paid instantly to paypal.

get paid to read ads

Best PTC sites with high pay & Get paid to READ Ads: 

Here’s the list!


ClixSense without a doubt is a standout among the most trusted PTC websites available on the web. There are a  number of ways you can earn cash from ClixSense.

If you work truly on ClixSense alone, then you can earn more than $200 from this site alone.

Benefits of ClixSense

    Gain by reviewing surveys on daily basis.

    Gain increasingly through additional assignments and offers.

    Increase your income throughaffiliate program.

    Win Daily Prizes Up To $10.00

    Quick Payment through Payoneer or Skrill.

Here are the steps to sign up for ClixSense-

    Simply click on ClixSense connect and fill the information fields required for sign up.

    After sign up, you will get an approval link in your email. Click the link to validate the account.

    Then login to your ClixSense account with your username and password and complete your profile.


2. NeoBux

NeoBux allows you to earn a hefty amount of cash. If you are dynamic and utilize the best of what it offers, You can easily RS.100,000 or all the more just from NeoBux.

Everybody realizes this is the PTC site which has paid its individuals a higher sum than some other PTC sites. Also, NeoBux is the PTC site with the best ranking in Alexa for quite a long while now.

Benefits of NeoBux:

    Quick payments

    A ton of commercials accessible day by day.

    Various upgrades offering a higher earning potential

    Gain more cash than other PTC/GPT sites by finishing CrowdFlower Tasks and Coin offers. It pays more for similar efforts put on other sites.

    This is the only PTC that allows you to pay nothing for upgrading to a premium account. You can win it as a prize and/or earn Points and trade them for the update.

    Win day by day prizes up to $90.00

    Get paid promptly through NETELLER or Skrill.


3. PrizeRebel

You can make cash by taking surveys, finishing offers from various organizations and even by playing web-based games. There is another method for making money by winning Raffles, Contests and Lucky Numbers.

If you want more money, then you can refer PrizeRebel to your companions and relatives through Facebook, WhatsApp, and different ways and gain 20% long-lasting earning. You can earn in coins and you get $1 for every 100 coins. You can get your profit through PayPal, BitCoin or gift vouchers.


4. Paidverts

Despite the fact that Paidverts isn’t as old as NeoBux and ClixSense yet its quickly picking up the trust of one of the high paid PTC destinations. Individuals are earning extraordinary pay by working at Paidverts. The idea is unique when compared to other PTC destinations.

When you join Paidverts, you have to click 16 Bonus Ads Points (BAP) or Activation every day till you click all out 100 BAP Ads. You will start receiving the paid promotions only after you click 100 BAP advertisements.

The estimation of paid advertisements depends upon the amount of BAP you accumulate. So get as much as BAP as possible.


5. Inbox Dollar

This is another renowned site universally known to individuals but if you are from US and UK, then you will get more surveys and offers. There are a number of ways you can earn from InboxDollars. There are numerous individuals who make more than $100+ every month from this single site by working 5-10 minutes per day.


6. GPT Planet

GPT PlanetStarted since 2010 after the effective running of Scarlet Clicks. Indeed it is a sister site of Scarlet Clicks and you can win cash with no investment.

You can acquire up to $0.01 per click and half from your referral click. If you become a premium member, you can gain 100% from your referral bonus. Payments are done through PayPal, Payza.

So, these are some of the best PTC destinations where you can join, get guaranteed paid for viewing surveys and promotions and other exciting offers. Every one of these destinations has an incredible payment history with great feedback from their members.


The business model of PTC sites

I am sure you must be thinking as of why you get paid so high by just clicking on ads. Let me demystify it for you. PTC sites go about as a broker between the advertisers and the individuals.

Online web advertisers or sponsors need traffic to their web journals or sites for advancing their items or services. So, they need traffic from these paid to click sites that as of now have heaps of enrolled clients from around the globe who are prepared to see promotions for money. These sites deliver interesting traffic required by those online advertisers or sponsors as an end-result of money and split the cash for paying individuals for a survey to those advertisers’ promotions consistently.

Every advertisement click is worth $0.001 to $0.01(depending on the enrollment). A few advertisers likewise distribute their advertisements in the “offers” segment and these can be finished by agreeing to accept those projects or by attempting new items and services. PTC programs enable you to gain from surveys (based on and answers) and CrowdFlower assignments and pay rates to fluctuate. To put it plainly, the more you apply, the better you score. Other than your own exercises, you will be given a level of your referrals’ exercises that incorporate deals (commissions from promotion buying or record redesigning), clicking adverts, doing surveys, finishing offers (as we talked about above), taking CrowdFlower undertakings, participating in challenges, etc. And you can earn money by clicking ads get paid instantly to paypal.

Who can join PTC sites to earn?

As every legitimate online business needs to abide by certain rules and regulations, so they need to have a proper set-up. But nothing to worry PTC sites have some basic pre-requisites like to have the following

    A personal computer or laptop with an internet connection

    A Gmail account (recommended)

    A bank account

    An online payment processor account (PayPal and Payza)

    A Pan card (for Indians only)

How to register and make money?

When you register effectively, you will probably sign into your record dashboard where you can see every single accessible promotion and partake in surveys, offers, and assignments too if you need.

Your income will be credited to your account immediately in the wake of review the advertisement for a specific time frame like 5 sec to 30 sec and payment and the number of promotions accessible to see continuous fluctuating for the duration of the day.

Try not to switch on Adblock in your internet browser or you won’t most likely observe an advertisement. Check your program settings or augmentations. If you discover Adblock, impair and expel it and restart your program.

We propose introducing Ad Alert and Addon to the most recent variant of your program (Firefox or Chrome) as they will continue advising you of increasingly accessible promotions, surveys, and CrowdFlower tasks.

You can invest additional effort in these destinations according to your benefit. When you’re away you can (incidentally) appoint this activity to anyone in your family or dependable companion since that’ll continue expanding your salary and you can win even free participation or get a money prize up to $50 for your activity. Click all promotions turn by turn and make sure to keep the page in center until the clock/bar completes the process of running and you get paid to read ads.

How can you make the best out of PTC sites?

There are always a few smart ways to carry out a job effectively. Just go through these smart strategies to maximize your earnings.

1.    Schedule a fixed time to view all the ads daily. Remaining dynamic day by day will keep your record on favorable terms and create more income.

2.    Buy a premium membership if you don’t mind investing a bit to earn more.

3.    Install Ad Alert and Addon to your browser

4.    Try doing as many surveys and tasks as you can. Complete easy offers quickly.

5.    Earn via referrals through email, Facebook, WhatsApp & other ways

Terms and conditions of becoming a member

Much the same as any perceived business over the web, PTC sites have their terms set up and infringement of any of them will result in account suspension and getting prohibited from the webpage.

After joining these  sites ensure you pursue all tenets and controls especially these ones: What’s the min payout that you can expect?

The min payment limit is diverse for each site varying from $2.00 to $10.00. On achieving min money in your wallet, you can ask for a withdrawal to PayPal or Payza.

A sites transfers the money immediately while some pay out the compensation in possibly two to five business days. Don’t worry and trust that the payment will appear in your wallet within a stipulated time as mentioned in terms and conditions.

How many hours a day one need to devote?

One more genuine inquiry! and the appropriate response is “It depends”. Yes, it depends upon the individual who works and it can be seen from numerous angles, for example, web speed, server time you are working, the number of sites you are working.  But, what I would like to mention is working day by day for 30min – 1hr consistently with just a couple of authentic paying PTC sites will make you around Rs25000/ per month.

Keep in mind, Consistent and Planned work is what will fetch you good earnings and you get paid to read ads in PTC sites.

So what are you still thinking, switch on the computer and sign up for above mentioned legit PTC sites that pay high and fulfill your dreams of achieving big in life? 

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