How to save money on flight tickets?

How to save money on flight tickets?


Whether you are a business traveler or a person that love to explore new destinations often, big savings on the flight tickets is one thing you would be looking for. Savings on the flight tickets will not only keep you away from burning wallet but also can serve as back up for your travel expenses. If you are looking for ways to save money on flight tickets, here you go!

Ways to save money on flight ticket booking:

1. Book in advance

This is a well-practiced trick by the frequent traveler’s to save few bucks on the flight tickets. The spot rates for the flight travel will be 2-4 times higher than the pricing you get in booking. Just think about the money you can save through advance booking.  Though there is a chance of getting many deals and discounts on the tickets down the line, none other than early booking would spare you that big deal of money.

2. Click the ticket on midweek

This would be another smart tip to save decent on flight tickets. I understand it is not always possible to plan the trip in a month advance, if you are leisure traveler, take advantage of calendar spreads.  Flight tickets to the major cities on Monday mornings turn to be expensive as most of the corporate traveler’s who cannot make early booking fly off to work at the start of the week. Similarly, flight tickets for the trips from the major cities will hit the peaks on Friday nights. The ideal time for the leisure traveler would be Tuesday morning and  Thursday evening to save big on tickets.

3. Book single flights  from different service providers

International fares come cheap, if you are planning for a trip to a  foreign destination,  book  single flights from a different website to enjoy different cash back and discount offers.   This trick may not always bring you the big savings on the flight tickets. However, you have to spend some time exploring discounts and cash back offers provided by different website before deciding to go for a round trip from the single service provider.

4. Book your flights in odd hours

When your motive is to save big on the flight tickets, booking the flight tickets during odd hours would be a right decision. The flights that reach the destination during the odd hours run on a cheap fare.  However,  you should give a second thought if you are traveling with the family or attending a seminar as a part of business trips.

5. Different payment  methods to save money on flight tickets

Websites run special discounts for the customers of their partner banks.  This discounts can mean significant to you if you are a frequent flyer. You may sometimes earn miles and cash back discounts. Pay the flight tickets using the debit and credit cards or forex cards of these partner banks to avail special discounts.  Most of the banks partner with the airline services so, search for the offers of the particular bank on the flight tickets before hit the buy button. Loyalty is another thing that helps you earn big on the flight tickets. If you travel through the flights form one website each time you go, you tend to get reward miles, discounts, and cash backs into your online wallet at the site. You can use these rewards to purchase flight tickets and earn significant discounts on the same.

6. Stay  flexible to dates

Rigid travel plans sometimes make airfare expensive.  You should be flexible with your travel dates. You should plan your journey either two days ahead or later than the scheduled dates. Most of the times, this trick would cut your airfare to 50%. If your planned date is expected to have a massive rush then being flexible your journey date will save big on the airfare. You should try flexible dates to check the airfare trends before booking the ticket.

7. Coupons and discounts

You should always spend some valuable time on the site that offers exclusive discounts and coupons on the airfare. Few websites offer free miles for the next trip based on the distance you, and few  offer cash back discounts based on the price you have booked the flight. If the cut is significant, single flight ticket does not meet the parameters, book a round trip to avail the offer.

8. Browse the site in private modes

Websites the display airfares to the customers work smart. Soon you visit the site, the cookies and server details get recorded on the portals. On your second visit, you will see a definite surge in the price. A smart way to handle the issue is to browse the website in the private mode, i.e., incognito mode if you are using chrome browser.  You can also delete cookies before revisiting the portal or visit from a different browser.

9. Comparison

With the emergence of the online world, many websites offer different deals and discounts on airfares. Take some time to explore these sites and compare airfares of different flights. Compare the prices. You check the airfares offered by various websites on price comparison sites before taking a final call.

10. Wait for the offers

If you are not having a rigid plan for traveling through airlines, the best way to get big discounts on air fairs is to wait for offers. Many airlines run promotional offers to attract the customers every week. Keep an eye on changing deals and discounts to hit the deal at the right time.

You can even subscribe to their newsletters to stay updated about their deals and offers each time they are out.

11. Credit card payments

Credit cards come handy in conducting many online transactions and purchasing the flight tickets is not an exception. You will enjoy a free credit of 50 days when you are buying expensive flight tickets.  Additionally many banks that partner with airlines special discounts and offers when transacted with credit cards of the partner bank. Some banks even offer a massive discount on pricing based on the amount you transacted through the credit card. Make sure to check these special discounts before you pick the credit card for purchasing air tickets online. If the single trip does not meet the parameters of the offer, you can choose to go for a round trip to avail the same.

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